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Looking for Model Builders for Peerless Trailers


New Member
Feb 5, 2015
Hi all,

I am new to the forum today. I oversee Peerless Trailers in Penticton, BC Canada. We design and build forestry trailers and I am looking to connect up with a model builder who can help us out.

1) We licensed AMT Round2Models to manufacture the 1/25th scale Peerless RoadRunner logging trailer. I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in building up some of these for us with a T-800 truck for trade shows and customer give outs.

2) Also looking to see if anyone can do a scratch build 1/25th scale quad axle short logger (photos on our web site). Or other logging current models that we offer. How difficult is this, and how long would it take? We would provide photos, drawings, CAD files, etc. Web site: http://www.peerless.ca/trailers/category/forestry.php

As an example, we had someone in Germany make us up a B-Train (I think larger than 1/25th scale) - photo attached.


I can be reached at:

Andy McEachern
Vice President, Peerless