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Listings, contacts, load boards to find truckers running RGN?

Discussion in 'Equipment Moving Questions' started by fastline, Dec 22, 2019.

  1. fastline

    fastline Senior Member

    Aug 8, 2011
    This always seems to end up an issue when trying to move something from out of state. It's both not affordable or practical to send someone local to get something that is 1000+mi away. Curious where I can find the O/O guys? Where can I find rate information? In the past I have see rates literally ALL over the map.... It is VERY hard to buy anything when trucking is is so variable.

    I know all about Uship and just refuse to use it. Betting lots of "real" truckers probably avoid it anyway. I rarely get decent rates there. I never work with brokers. I am usually moving sensitive cargo and want to deal directly with the trucker.
  2. Mother Deuce

    Mother Deuce Senior Member

    Jul 17, 2016
    New England
    Good luck with that. I will be up front with you. I was loathe to leave my regular service area. If I launched a truck out of my customer network area... I needed to paid round trip.
    If I took a D10 to Utah, there was a strong likelihood it was going to come home empty. I had enough dead head miles handed to me on RGN freight. I calculated a round trip empty rate for the backside. If I couldn't get it... we weren't going. It was much more profitable not paying meal per diem, motel rooms and out of state permits and letting every port of entry take a run at the truck for the dollars they could extract from it. I am not sure where the over the road crowd purchases their iron and why they beat the rate down so bad. We had the best iron we could get. Lowboy heavies and trailers have large price tags. With that came large rates. If I couldn't get the rate I needed to do the job... we didn't do it.
    Some guy's are still trying to work for nothing and can't understand how come they are not making money. They work until they are broke, the iron goes to auction and a new player steps up and the cycle repeats and repeats. You will go broke slower parked in the yard then you will out trying to haul iron for nothing.

    I worked with a couple brokers from time to time. They were well thought of and in one case referred by one of my regulars who stocked iron made Pennsylvania. Even with them though. I gave them the rate I needed so I could be in business the following week. The rate information you seek will be available by phone from the real trucker you select.
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