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Link Belt Crane Boom Issues


New Member
Nov 30, 2023
Hello all. I've got an older Link Belt 100 ton lattice crane. I believe 70's model. 218A I think. I lowered the boom down yesterday to take the jib off and it took a lot of throttle to get the boom off the dog when I went to lower it. While I was lowering it I stopped it a few times to make sure everything was working there and down works fine and it holds when the lever is in the neutral position. After we got the jib off I went to raise it back up and I had to give it full throttle to move it and if I throttle down at all the boom wants to fall. Fluids are all good. Pressure reads 900 like it always does. I thought the brake was slipping but I had someone else run it while I watched it and it doesn't seem to be. I'm hoping this is a simple adjustment somewhere but I don't have much for a service manual on it. Can anyone point me in the right direction? We had a mechanic that was somewhat knowledgeable on it but he retired a few years ago. I'm going to try to get him to come look at it if I can. Thank you.


Senior Member
Nov 22, 2012
I assume that’s a full friction crane. I’d look at your clutches. The clutch could be turning but wore enough that it’s just slipping. They should be adjustable. Unless your referring to the clutches as the brakes. Typically the brakes are in the outside of the drum, clutches are inside.

The friction cranes were before my time. This is just from my experience with free fall hoist winches. That crane may be setup completely differently.