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Lets see your "ultimate" service truck!

Discussion in 'Showtime!' started by DirtySouthTruck, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. RZucker

    RZucker Senior Member

    Jul 7, 2013
    Wherever I end up
    I don't know if I would cuss the V10's. A friend works for the local transit company and says the V10's in their E450 busses go 425K miles unless a freak grenade happens. When the 6.0 diesels first came out, that was the end of them buying diesels.
  2. Moose84

    Moose84 Member

    Aug 2, 2018
    Not really cussing them on a reliability issue it’s more of a power issue. I am right at 19k now and my 6.0 pulls it perfectly fine. The other mechanic I work with has the v10 and is about 3k less then me and that thing is a turd. We have had good luck with the 6.7 ps once you put an aftermarket egr cooler on them. I wish they would use these instead.