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JLG-T500J Replacing Hydraulic Hoses


New Member
Oct 13, 2022
I own a 2017 JLG-T500J towable lift. The unit works but the hydraulic hoses that run through the boom are showing signs of age (cracks starting to develop at the bend points). I know these hoses are available through JLG Parts. Has anyone done the replacement on their JLG towable lift themselves, and if so, was it difficult or anything tricky to it? Or should this job be left up to an authorized service center? Any advice would be appreciated.



Senior Member
Apr 14, 2015
Seattle WA, United States
Landscape Construction, General Contractor
You should be able to do this yourself. The first thing is to see if you have a local business that does Hydraulic hose repair. Google Hydraulic hose repair near me and that might help you find a dealer. Usually these are companies that you bring hoses into and they fix or replace them while you wait. Next you want to see if you can follow the hose from one end of the boom to the other. You may want to see what the access on the lift is like. The owners manual should have info on how to release the hydraulic pressure, and then after bleed air out. Open hydraulic cap slowly to release pressure. Remove one end of hose and drain out fluid. Keep dirt out of the hydraulic system with tape, caps, or plugs. Add more fluid when all hoses are back on. Then follow owners manual to bleed air out.