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I dig best vs trimble earthworks 2d

Discussion in 'Lasers' started by Tim Modine, Nov 14, 2020.


    IDIGBEST Active Member

    Apr 6, 2015
    noblesville, IN.
    Let me (Phil) try to answer all your questions. And thanks for theses great chats!
    1. small company- The theory behind my companies are to figure out a way to not need excess labor or people. If There's a problem find a solution for it so it's not a problem anymore. So when there is a problem I'm very busy searching for a simpler way to fix it so I never hear about it again. Like different help pages videos and references.
    2. IDIGBEST system recognize multiple attachments on an excavator- One Idigbest screen can run up to 10 different excavators and soon multiple Dozer Skidsteer Dozer Blade etc. and name up to 100+!different bucket attachments. Why I do this is so that you can buy a half system and each operator can I have his own screen and jumping into up to 10 different machines. Or a small company with one operator and four machines can save huge amount of money with just one screen.
    3. Laser cover- The laser receivers are prism style receivers they work at all angles and directions. They stand out a few inches from the side of the dipper or whatever boom you have it on. They have three Allen screws that you can use to remove them. But there's a cool trick we figured out years ago. Play the system work she can put a cover around the outside but still receive the laser for about 100°. Otherwise the catcher works up to 360° if mound in the right place. We all reach into that group of trees sometimes not wanting to get out and takeoff our laser sensor and this prevents any chances taken.
    4. LED strips- Steve likes to make everything fancy ability nice holder for his LED indicators. The LEDs we use you're very cheap if broken but are necessary to have near the bucket so the operator doesn't need to wander his eyes anywhere else while digging. Make so much easier experience.
    5. Diagnostics page- The diagnostics page is to test every component if you feel that you have a problem. It also tells you when certain wires are cut poor system communication problems if damaged. I try to make it so you can be your own mechanic.
    6. Pilot valves- There's two pilot valves to assist the operator as per the valves also feel with the operator is doing. The system has the ability to understand a lot of things of the operators doing to assist the operator at the speed he wants to run his machine at. It's not like the Trimble system where you only have one speed. The system runs at all speeds. It doesn't by understanding with the operators trying to do. There is also a 7000 Lbs. Operates the main boom cylinder. This gives the operator the ability to make the attachment or bucket weigh more or less as it slips to the grounds Different materials like rock gravel mud quicksand. Let's see operator just without trying to type it into a computer on the fly.
    8. Auto modes- The system has all kinds of automation such as auto steer where the bucket can steer see the ground by rolling forward backwards or tilting left and right. There's also stop Dig where if you have a profile or just appoint you want to stop at we're not go past it will not allow you to over excavate. Another great future is x-ray vision. This feature will stop the attachment such as a bucket from the teeth the hook side cuts or any part of it to touch a utility line of any size or pipe. It will show you in the screen and you can for example say. I don't want to get closer than 10 inches with any part of my attachment. When you when you get close it will shut down the machine for so many seconds and then release you to go in the opposite direction if we're not damaging the utility. It also comes with ceiling stop and swing stop. Everything is included in the one system no extra sensors needed for anything. Idigbest also has an independent 3-D system without GPS. Because the gyros know the rotation of the machine all the time therefore giving us the ability to measure X Y & Z.
  2. Tim Modine

    Tim Modine Well-Known Member

    Mar 3, 2019
    Rocky Point NY
    Trimble works at any speed as well. Pros and cons with any product you buy. I looked into the I dig best and I have spoken with you Phil. At the time I was very close to purchasing you’re system, after our conversation my only draw back was installing my self with the option you did give that you’d come out to install it which was understandable for an added cost for you and a helper plus a few fittings and so fourth. I didn’t expect you to come far to me for free lol. So I sat on the idea for a few more years and for me Trimble seemed to fit better as there are a few other guys I know that went the same route as I. I don’t believe anyone on Long Island NY has your system for me to see in person. Trimble is popular in my area and the guys I know that have are very happy with no issues. Sorry for you’re loss. Best of luck in the future.
  3. fourwheel1

    fourwheel1 Member

    Oct 28, 2015
    excavating & farming
    Millersburg ohio