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Hydraulic flushing.

Discussion in 'Lubrication' started by Mobilewrench, Oct 9, 2021.

  1. Mobilewrench

    Mobilewrench Well-Known Member

    Feb 26, 2020
    Kona, hawaii
    I was looking for a thread that I ran across by nige a few months ago about mixing hydraulic oils. Specifically, low ash or zinc less oils and I can't seem to find it. Found a few posts about hydraulic flushing and rather than post on old threads I thought I would start a new one.
    As far as I can tell, none of my local heavy machinery dealers is set up to do this. I have asked, I even actually got talked into working for my local cat dealer a few years ago (long story, service manager was a friend. Plus it was a rainy season and I found myself wistfully looking at their covered service bays) so I know that they cant.
    This is off topic, but..
    Other than software, I am better equipped than any of my local dealers service wise. That actually blows my mind. The absolute best diagnostic tech I know on this island is actually paid less than a cdl dump truck driver at union contractor. How is that possible when the tech has to have somewhere between 30 and 100k worth of tools? That isn't even adding in a decent service truck. The truck driver provides.... What? A lunch box?
    I am not disrespecting truck drivers. A good truck driver is worth his weight in gold. ( just to be snarky, most of my local drivers are pretty hefty).

    I have a few problem machines on my mind and think that maybe it is time that I buy a hydraulic filtration cart. The primary purpose would be to deal with water contamination. I run into that a lot. People leave buckets of oil out in the elements for long periods of time and then just pour them into tanks without looking.
    Specifically, I have a couple of excavators that I think are suffering from cross oil contamination. A pc 78 that has valve spools that seemed to have been glued in place and a Hitachi zx 135 that I think has a gummed up suction screen.

    So, I am looking for opinions on which filtration cart to buy. I am also asking for info on best practices to use them In regards to filtration media and flushing solutions.

    (Hey, treemulcher? I have a couple questions about using diesel fuel)

    I truly love this forum. Even at the end of the worst day, when I cannot even deal with another service call, I cruise the recent posts to see if I may be able to help someone impossibly far away with a problem I might be able to help.
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