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Hitachi EX120 -> Fuel Prime pumping air. Considering replacing Lift Pump with Electric?

Discussion in 'Excavators' started by Egetebee, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. thepumpguysc

    thepumpguysc Senior Member

    Mar 18, 2010
    Master Inj.Pump rebuilder
    Sunny South Carolina
    Those banjo bolt filters have ruined many of mechanics.!!
    The pump takes a LOT of time to pull & then fighting traffic, just to slam it on my front counter..
    & scream, "O/H this SOB"..
    Only to be lead by the hand to my work bench, where I gingerly removed the clogged banjo bolt & hand it to the mechanic for his inspection.. which in-turn they bellowed, "Well I'll be a SOB"!!!!! {Lol}
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  2. Egetebee

    Egetebee Active Member

    Jul 3, 2019
    New England
    Truecountry & Pump Guy,
    Yeah, I had TWO of them!
    I knew of the one at the fuel feed line banjo to the water separator and then discovered the second on the bottom of the lift pump from the water separator.

    Both are clean now and the machine is running like a champ, albeit the water separator is on my work bench but should have a replacement coming in the next week or so.
    Fuel tank is clean as a whistle, lines are new and fuel is double filtered so I've got a little time.

    Thanks for thinking of me,
  3. truecountry

    truecountry Senior Member

    Sep 25, 2007
    Shop Manager and Tech
    clarksville va
    I dont miss much and always willing to learn I will ask questions even stupid ones
    ...the clogged banjo fitting I saw I was letting my tech do the job while I was working on another machine and was watching him get more and more pissed getting to the point boss was going to order a injection pump ..I said nope let me finish and have a look
    I went to first fitting in line supply side on water fuel separator asked u check this yes I had flow from tank from hose ok did you check fitting no I had fuel ……………...removed banjo fitting and half of a grass hoppers body was in it …...how did it get there I dont know ..ive found knotted rags in tanks to a clay dirt ball and heard of latex gloves fingers I guess being pinched off in hoses...**** will Happen and Think out side the Box ….Air fuel and compression ...its simple to a point