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Grizzly Trucks


Well-Known Member
Mar 13, 2008
Ontario, Canada
Retired trucking owner/operator
Looking very nice Will...Saddly mine is sitting out in the elements this year (unwanted divorce and house sale)My Mustangs and the Diamond T are safe,dry and warm tho....Working on a solution....Look forward to seeing your deck..

View attachment 279235
Hmmm....wife....or Mustangs, Diamond-T and Grizzly truck?

I'd say you won! LOL


Well-Known Member
Mar 19, 2019
DeWinton, AB
Had a Automotive Journalist here on Tue..He is from North Van and wants to do a article on Grizzly Trucks.He writes for a very big magazine.He says it will just be a article about the trucks.No history digging or story telling..I showed him all my paperwork and he took alot of pics..This is just in its infancy and we will see where it goes.He sent me 4 of the pics and will send the rest next week...View attachment 281923View attachment 281924View attachment 281925View attachment 281926
That's very cool, look forward to seeing the full article.