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got pix of the maple shade ts-24s

Discussion in 'Scrapers' started by ts-24 frank, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. ts-24 frank

    ts-24 frank Well-Known Member

    Jul 3, 2009
    retired trucker-part time bus driver
    brigantine nj


    DSCN2094.jpg tdozer; i just got back from finding the ts-24s at mancusos yard i got some great shots. but i went to the other site at the n/w corner of rt 70 & hartford rd in medford nj and found nothing i did aswing around on all corners of that location and found nothing. i thought the bing map showed a large area with the 2 pans just sitting side by side and nothing even close to that was there so maby they were moved, but thanks anyway. do you or someone else know of the differences in the moddels and the yrs, and how to distinguish between them. i called euclid/terex in tx a few mo ago and no one could help me. how can you tell they are scottish built, and when did the radiator cover on the front engine change and become narrower with the lights set just outside the grill as aposed to the old way where the radiator spanned the hole front and the lights were mounted on the outside of the cover independently, i know the 50 & 60 had the BUG EYED look. also when did the mounting of the exhaust stacks go from vertical to horrizantally on top of the rear eng cover twards the back radiator cover. i am going to try to post the pix i got today. thanks tdozer. cat345bl; i am trying to follow what you suggested and post the snyderville ts-24 hear, also thanks for the info on the morrissey job, boy would that be great to get some shots of that when it happens. i am going to try to post now, thanks again. ts-24 frank

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  2. cat345bl

    cat345bl Well-Known Member

    Nov 6, 2008
    Trucking Industry
    Thanks for the pics Frank, it is a shame of the condition of those 5 ts 24's in syndersville, looks like they have not been touched since they were parked there in 1999, but one day when jdm, needs them, out of the blue you will see them fixed up. They have a total of 14 of them, and the ones at their yard, are in much better conditon, the ones that have push-pull hitches on them where repainted a while ago, and they still look good.