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Genie GS1930 scissor lift problem

Jason Bundrum

New Member
Sep 28, 2018
HI i have 2 genie gs1930 scissor lifts, one is fully functional and the other doesnt want to turn on at all. As I found issues between the two I tried swapping the ecm the curtis controller the cr4 relay and also the platform controllers one by one between machines and both machines still function exactly the same. One major issue that i see that i cant figure out is voltages. Both machines are wires identical and i have checked multiple times to be sure everything is the same between them but on the one that functions the voltage from the +battery post to the chassis has almost 0v and the -battery post to the chassis reads out roughly 27-28v. On the one that wont power on i Have exactly the opposite I have about 26v from the + battery terminal to the chassis and from the - battery terminal to the chassis reads almost 0v. Also for the cr4 relay the voltages are contradicting between the 2. I have Red=30 W=86 BL=87 BR=85. On the lift that works the with the relay disconnected the BR wire reads -24 to the chassis, BL reads +24 to the chassis and both W and R have almost no voltage but on the one that wont turn on R reads about 6v W reads about 6v and BL and BR have 0v. ive been playing around with the wiring to see if i can figure out anything and i did find that if i jump the R,W and BL wires together without the relay and leave the BR wire disconnected the machine will power on and function fully minus the ESTOP on the platform controller does nothing now and that combination is the only way i can get it to power on and also not throw any codes. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.


Senior Member
Apr 2, 2018
Genie has troubleshooting manuals on their website that are pretty useful along with wiring diagrams. I don't have any specifics for your machine but these electric over hydraulic are very picky on voltages. If you have a bad battery a bad resistor or a poor ground it will cause all kinds of problems. Genie should be able to give you the voltages you should be looking for.