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Galion 80, 90, 100, 110 and 125 Cranes SERVICE MANUAL

alex ramos

New Member
May 20, 2021
[QUOTE = "ayrhead, post: 430519, member: 10500"] Olá, todos: possuímos um Galion 90A e temos o manual de serviço que cobre o guindaste Galion do modelo 80 ao 125. Também temos o manual do motor para Detroit Série 53 Motor a gasóleo. Se alguém quiser uma cópia digital, mande-me um e-mail de volta com seu e-mail para ver o que podemos fazer.
Saúde: canadá Ayrhead
Aqui está uma foto de nossa unidade quando a compramos, há 3 anos. [/ QUOTE]

boa tarde, gostaria do manual de hidráulica do galion. obrigado por escutar

Joel c

New Member
Feb 14, 2024
Hi Cecil: So far so good the crane is still running GREAT. It has been very dependable for us. Although we only use it about once every 2 weeks....
Hi All: We own a Galion 90A and have the Service Manual that covers the Galion Crane from Model 80 to 125. We also have the Engine Manual for the Detroit Series 53 Diesel Engine. If anyone wants a digital copy e-mail me back with your e-mail to see what we can do.
Cheers :canada Ayrhead
Here is a picture of our unit when we bought it 3 years ago.
Hi.happy to hear you have access to gallion crane manuals.i happen to have a gallon 80 crane @ was wondering if you could email me the manual?thanks a bunch