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Experienced Heavy Haul/Oversize & Eq. Operator.

Discussion in 'Potential Employees Seeking Work' started by LowBoy, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. LowBoy

    LowBoy Senior Member

    Nov 23, 2006
    Owner, Iron Mountain Iron & Equipment (Transport)
    Southern Vt. on the Mass./NH borders
    Been off the HEF site for a while...Busy, but had a snowmobiling mishap 3/6/10, so the computer & TV has been my friend while recovering (lol.)

    Currently employed in propane transport, but always seeking a position back in heavy equipment or any RGN heavy hauling. 30+ yrs. exp., many as owner of my own business. My interest has alway been and always will remain in and around equipment of all types.

    Experienced with 8 axle rigs,35-55 ton, different configurations. Like the challenges associated with the business. Looking for a heavy haul company willing to pay decent wages, and expect a quality days workmanship in return. Mechanically inclined, enjoy working on equipment. Have had to get machinery running to load on lowbeds in the past by myself in the field, nothing but me and the toolbox.Work well alone; focused better on task when alone.

    Have current TWIC card, hazmat endorsement. Located in New England, but considering relocating seriously.

    OTR experience, former owner-op., understand the business inside & out, conscience of operating costs associated with the industry.

    I double as an operator on site as well. Familiar with residential, commercial, Hvy.Hwy. construction. Enjoy it all. Excavator, dozer, loader, TLB, most all site equipment savvy.

    If interested, please PM me.

    Thank You.