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Equipment starting problems

Discussion in 'Compact Wheel Loaders' started by AESCompaniesLLC, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. AESCompaniesLLC

    AESCompaniesLLC Member

    Mar 4, 2010
    Southern MN.
    I was having all kinds of problems starting my Case 1845C 4 390 cummins. I would turn the key and nothing. I spent a LOT of time and money going through starters, batteries, cables ect.
    I finally FOUND the SOLUTION !
    I have built a kit that will solve almost all starting problems. The problem IS USUALLY NOT the starter, but the voltage to the starter.
    My kit contains everything you need to repair this problem in 20 minutes, and best of all I have detailed pictures, and instructions on how to install, and the kit is only $ 89.95 plus shipping and handling, now that is better than spending $ 350.00 on a new starter, and wind up having the same problem again and again .
    Here is what you get : - 2 heavy duty 2 gauge battery and starter cables, now these cables are assembled by us just for this kit. These cables are made out of 99.9 % pure copper, and are SOLDERED, not crimped, for a resistance free flow of current.
    - You also get a heavy duty relay solenoid, and metal engine mounting bracket.
    - We supply you with the pictures, and written instructions.
    Just think, no more jumping into your equipment to get the job done only to turn the key and hear clliiccck...... cliickk.
    Best of all our kit DOES NOT supply battery power directly to the starter from the battery, so voltage is not constantly connected to your equipment, and the risk of electrical shorts while the equipment is sitting is reduced, or draining the battery!
    Please let me know how many kits you need. Currently we have kits for the Case Cummins 4 390 diesel. Just let us know if you have special heavy duty battery cable needs or other equipment with starting problems, because we build battery cables as well.
    My email address is : lindsay@aescompaniesllc.com Please let me know if you have any questions.
  2. gggraham

    gggraham Senior Member

    Feb 13, 2009
    Licensed Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic
    If you turned the key and nothing it tells me the problem is not the starter. If it clicked I could say maybe the starter is bad but you say nothing at all happened. Putting bigger battery cables solves nothing at all. They were notorious for a bad harness connection on the RH side. Two things tend to happen no power to the starter solenoid and low voltage to the fuel shut off solenoid. Plus half the 1845's running around had a spade connection at the fuel shut off, remove the spade connection and use an eyelet Makes better contact with the shut off solenoid. So first of all it will not crank and even if it did there was insufficient voltage to the fuel shut off. Before I spent $90 on a kit I would check my harness, we have a ton of 1845's running around here in Canada and they start just fine.