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Daewoo Solar 450-3 electrical problem


Senior Member
Feb 12, 2010
central texas
This machine has sat for a couple of years with the side window knocked out. I've used it for a couple of months now. The instrument panel has been rained on because of the window out and yesterday it(instrument panel) started smoking suddenly. Shut it off, waited and restarted. No lights on the panel of any kind. Now the hydraulic controls don't work. I'm assuming that since the panel receives feedback on oil pressure, temperature, and pump pressures that the EPOS computer doesn't know what's going on and won't allow the controllers to supply pilot pressure to the control valve. I don't see anything wrong with the harness with just a quick look.

Does anyone know where a parts machine is located so I can get an instrument panel. A new one is a 10 day wait from Korea. Just trying to get it going faster.

Also, does anyone know these machines that can shed a little light on the problem?


Active Member
Feb 10, 2013
baraboo, wi
Work like a rented mule to make ends meet
Did you ever find a parts machine? I have a 450LC-3 that needs a swing reduction planetary...