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Case 650k not moving in any direction


Mar 9, 2020
Senatobia, Mississippi
Currently working on a case 650k series 2. Open cab machine. 1700 hours. Machine has been running fine with zero issues. While dressing up a job the machine was under a light load just dressing up and completely stopped pulling. All hydraulic functions work great. I did verify I have good charge pressure. On the cluster all gauges work as should except the track speed gauge and also when I move fnr lever it still shows n for neutral. The park brake symbol stays on and also trans light with !. I have 2 fault codes 4533f and 4621f. I have checked all fuses and relays. Swapped relays and double checked for connection or corrosion issues. Not much help from the dealer locally. All they are saying is sounds like drivetrain controller took a dump. But I'm not so sure about that. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Senior Member
Jul 5, 2016
Equipment Mechanic
Welcome to HEF Jdtech99;)! You have not received an answer because you need to post this in the dozer section where it will have more exposure to the masses. Start another post there and add your serial number and the Case guys will be all over you:D!