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Mar 27, 2024
Hello gentlemen!!!

Greetings of the Day!!

I have a Soilmec Drilling rig SR60 with Caterpillar Engine C9 Model 2009. I am facing an issue of overheating I have replaced the during my course of work i went step by step. 1 I had a doughty on the water pump and thermostat so I got that replaced, Still overheating issue not resolved , then I removed the radiator and intercooler and sent it for chemical cleaning and flushing after fixing the radiator and intercooler operated the machine still engine temp 104 , Engine performance checked on the ET from caterpillar no error found , I removed the turbo and oil cooler and checked no rusting or gasket wear found , Engine performance checked on the ET while scanning still no error found . Last resort is checking the head for any cracks. Can you suggest any other idea


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Jun 5, 2016
Claremore, OK
Field Mechanic
How is the fan driven in that machine? I’ve worked on Soilmec and IMTs and have seen a mixture of belt and hydraulic driven based on layout etc.

If you have access to an infrared thermometer take temps at the inlet and outlet of the radiator. That will tell us if the water is moving through at the proper pace. Could have a weak or failing water pump. Also, there’s a test you can do that will tell you if there’s combustion gas present in the cooling system which will help verify or eliminate the head or head gasket.

What’s the ambient temp there? Where’s the hydraulic cooler in relation to radiator? Could be heat soaking from that. Is the coolant a good 50/50 mix? Good radiator cap?