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Bobcat V518 Versahandler Hydraulic PWM spool issues

Discussion in 'Forklifts/Telehandlers' started by Sniffy, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. Sniffy

    Sniffy Member

    Oct 10, 2009
    Sumas, Wa
    2008 V518 Versahandler

    I've lost functionality from the boom extend circuit and aux hydraulics out by the tool carrier. At first it was a bit possessed, not working then extending at random intervals and directions but I solved that by unplugging the hydraulic solenoid when not in use. :(
    Then it decided that it would only work once a day and that I had better figure out what length I needed the boom out because that was it until the end of the day. Sometimes it would slowly creep out over a few days if not chained up!
    I even tried to swap the two plugs on the PWM valve solenoids to see if it was a bad control module or wiring from the joystick to the valve but that didn't work. Eventually I got fed up and pulled the entire valve bank (boom up/down, front tilt, Aux hyd, and boom extend/retract) and took it into a local hydraulics shop. They took it apart cleaned up the little screens in the valve but tossed it back to me saying that they couldn't test PWM spool valves. I reinstalled it but it was the same.
    From a hydraulic perspective the valve is ok. Spools, bores, seals look ok. Bobcat can't figure it out and wants to 'shotgun' new parts to the tune of $5k for a valve, and no guarantees that it will solve the problem.
    Before I abandon the factory pwm valve and re-plumb it over to a standard hydraulic 12v 4-way 3-position directional control valve does anyone know
    A) how to test the PWM solenoid?
    B) how to test the control module without the propitiatory bobcat diagnostic kit (or where to get one cheap)
    C) Any shop that can test the solenoid off the machine for functionality. I really don't want to break open the hydraulics again but the pwm solenoid is just bolted onto the valve and could be removed.

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