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Being "threatened" by dealer

Discussion in 'In the Office' started by Tractorguy, May 23, 2017.

  1. oldtanker

    oldtanker Senior Member

    Sep 26, 2010
    vining mn
    OK, is the problem with you teaching or with you doing side work?

    Some dealer supported schools get training materials, components and or complete pieces of equipment to train students with. That is a "dealer" supported school.

  2. Randy88

    Randy88 Senior Member

    Feb 2, 2009
    I'd go about it differently, first I'd approach the head of the school, then I'd go to the people bringing in equipment and let them know what is going on, nobody "owns" the customer in any way shape or form nor can demand anything of them or threaten "their" choice of repair people or shops.

    If it ever happens again with you being threatened or harassed, I'd tell them straight up, back off, shut up, or everyone would know about their tactics.

    If customers whom own these machines don't know their choices are being eroded behind their backs by the places they either buy their machines from, get parts from, or get repairs done, that's plain not right to those equipment owners.

    Anyone I hire, whether its an operator who runs machines, someone I sub work to to help me out on a job get things done, someone in the office or even independent mechanics to come help out, are in essence employed by me, and I want to know if anyone threatens them in any way shape or form while under my hire, or because I hired them,if they are or do get threatened while in my employ, **** will hit the fan and I'll take care of it in no uncertain terms and it will end today.

    I've taken things to tech schools to get repaired before, the way I looked at it was a donation of sorts, I want kids/young adults to get experience in doing repairs, no matter what or who they end up working for, I bought the parts for them they needed, then made a donation to the school afterwards to help them buy tools or whatever. Its my way to DONATE and nobody will tell me who or what I can or can't donate to, when or where. If this takes money out of those dealerships of the machines I took to the schools, too bad, its not their money till I determine its "theirs", until it leaves my hands, its mine and I'll decide who, where and when it goes. period.

    I'd then ask those who hired you how they feel about a lot of things, starting with do they approve of YOU being threatened while under their employ?? and what they plan on doing about it?? as they say toss the ball back into their court and find out who your working for so to speak. Best of luck
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  3. Coaldust

    Coaldust Member

    May 10, 2011
    Rolling Stock Supervisor
    I ran into a similar situation when I was teaching at a state college and later at an University. And, I've seen it happen with Colleagues of mine, teaching other trades. There are two different ways the Dealer can get bent out of shape; bringing in "live" work, which can make it look like you are using a state entity to take revenue away from them. Or, performing work on the side.

    My solution with live work was to bring in projects from the school's fleet or by only doing work for 501c type non-profits. Actually, that made the program look good by the performance of community service. For example, fixing a truck for the local food bank. The Dealers aren't going to give you hell about that.

    Next, I just avoided doing work on the side. If I needed extra work, I could always to an overload and teach an extra class.

    Start some dialogue with the Dealer in question. Ask them to be on your Advisory Board. Ask them for help with resources. Throw is back at them. Say, I'll stop doing side work if you help my program. Or, asks them to provide you a summer job when school is out. To keep up on your skills. Just some thoughts....