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Atlas Copco (dynapac) LH700 compactor, forward movement problem


Well-Known Member
Sep 6, 2018
Hi all,

i have this compactor that has a problem going forward, reverse no problem, standstill no problem, but not moving forward. I have checked all the valves, they are all good. Checked weight moving cylinder pressure 50 BAR, as it should be. Now my hydraulic motor pressure should be 180 BAR, and it is fine when I'm reversing, but when I try to put it in forward motion, this pressure starts oscillating between 70 and 180 BAR. Anyone has good experience with these machine for some advice? My bet is that weigth moving cylinder is getting stuck at some point and can not move further to engage forward motion. But have no idea why motor pressure is ocillating. It is compacting properly, no problem in that matter.