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Adding Roll off service to my busines


New Member
Sep 19, 2016
heil dualift

I would stay away from 40's unless it's for a specific customer who has it on a yearly contract and only loads light materials. It's real easy, no it's extremely easy to overload a 40 with demo or construction debris.

30's will be your most popular for regular C&D customers. You'll need a few 20's for heavy stuff - concrete and asphalt and the occasional customer who doesn't need the larger volume. Our 10's and 15's were only popular with the homeowner business and small remodeling contractors. The money is in the 30's, as far as roll-offs go.

We had a CDU (container delivery unit) bed for our single axle hook that could deliver front load cans. In the garbage business the good money is in the commercial front loads and the real money is in residential routes. Roll-offs fall behind these two in profitability. The front loads and residential routes come with a yearly contract and a steady income ****** which makes it much easier to project your business plan.

Just my $.02 on the garbage industry. Now a landfill is a different league and a different story. If I ever win the lottery, I'm buying a landfill.;)

i know this is an old poet, but can you go in detail why you did not like the Heil Dualift?