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91 D5h lgp

Discussion in 'Dozers' started by Anthonyleuci, Jan 21, 2022.

  1. Anthonyleuci

    Anthonyleuci Active Member

    Nov 4, 2018
    91 D5h lgp has 9800 hours on it clean Machine been sitting for 3 to 5 years where is the trans dip stick at and does anything really go bad in the trans from it sitting for that long n what’s it worth thanks
  2. catman13

    catman13 Senior Member

    Aug 22, 2011
    refrigeration engineer/excavation contractor
    oregon usa
    i have a d5hxl , sat for 4 years, bought it ran it for about 100 hours and lost all of the frictions, i changed all of the fluids when i got it, the trans oil had just a tiny bit of water from condensation. turns out the friction material absorbs water and falls apart, about 15,000.00 dollars ( i had cat dealer do the work did not have time myself )
    replaced them and have serval hundred hours without any problems.
    the dip stick should be on the left side door where the battery disconnect switch is.
    a picture from the side will tell us what shape the under carriage is in some what
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  3. Nige

    Nige Senior Member

    Jun 22, 2011
    G..G..G..Granville.........!! Fetch your cloth.
    Here's the location of the dipstick (1). The transmission oil filler cap (2) is right next to it.
    The oil level should be WAAAY over the full mark with the engine stopped cold.
    With all machine systems at normal operating temperature and the engine idling in neutral the oil level should be between the LOW and the FULL marks.

    If the tractor has been sitting for a long time there is always the possibility of a high transmission oil level because of water in it. If you can start the machine that should show up pretty quickly as milky oil. As above, the transmission clutch friction material does not like water, which is why you really need to get the engine running and the oil hot and see what it looks like. The oil should be clear and bright.

    upload_2022-1-22_10-5-25.png upload_2022-1-22_10-6-19.png
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