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580L operating temp?

Finca SDR

Well-Known Member
Dec 5, 2017
Costa Rica
Just got this thing, is 190f too hot of an operating temp? My mechanic says that's normal for these machines but I don't like it. Will probably pull the thermostat out pretty soon.

Anyone with any experience with these machines? Thanks!


Feb 11, 2021
Parts wear with a cold engine. Don't just take the thermostat out. Replace with a 180° if you think 190° is too warm. Engine will take a long time to warm up and still never reach full operating temp without a tstat. Looks like the 2 choices for a new one are 180 and 190. So it sounds like it's correct. Can you see on the gauge when the stat opens and closes? Temp will probably go just over 190, then drop to 175 or so. Then start to rise back up to 190ish. As for the wear. Piston will warm up and expand from combustion heat. If the block doesn't get warm the cylinder won't expand so the piston rings are a tighter fit and wear the walls of the cylinder. Same thing with bearing journals. Designed to warm up and expand to create a clearance. Doesn't warm up without a tstat, any moving part wears more than a warmed up engine. It might be only a very slight amount, but it does. Stretch that out over 10 or so and it equals 20 years of wear. Not saying people don't do it, just not me or anyone with any engine building experience. Also won't have full combustion so less power.


Senior Member
Jan 1, 2009
Leave it be, it's fine. My 07 Dodge with the Cummins runs at 200 on the gauge all the time, the newer engines have newer materials and better designs, diesels are more efficient at higher operating temps. Keep it under 240 you'll be fine.