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2013 Cat 299D Fuel Transfer Pump

Jeffrey Bandel

Senior Member
Jul 25, 2019
Radford, Virginia
I'm broke down on this incline. Gauge shows I am a tad over half full on fuel. I disconnected the fuel line from bottom of the pump. I blew on it towards the tank 16635110268239133657723069240706.jpg 16635110268239133657723069240706.jpg and it is just air. So the pump is sucking air. Wierd.

Makers Acres

Well-Known Member
Sep 13, 2020
Los Angeles, California
So I have replaced my pump twice within 4 years and maybe 300 hours of use. When I talked to the CAT dealer they told me those pumps last about "2 years". Which I think is pretty awful. I just replaced my pump with a Facet pump. These appear to be the same pump that Cat rebrands, but it is only $70 vs Cats $260.
(They have a few different options to choose from including one that looks like the exact cat pump replacement)
I picked that one because it is close to the Cat Requirement of 12psi at 30GPH.
I am now wondering if maybe I should have got this one:
But I just installed it, so it might be too early to tell.

I also chose to move away from the CAT inline screen and have moved to the Napa 3972 filter. The reason for this is that my fuel contamination had larger chunks in it the would get trapped at the super small opening between the bottom of the screen and the intake tube. The Napa filter has a bit more space and I am optimistic this will help with my particular problem.