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1/16th scale radio-controlled Komatsu D455A-1

Discussion in 'Models and Miniatures' started by tournaphil, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. tournaphil

    tournaphil Well-Known Member

    Oct 3, 2011
    We've started the fifth machine, the Komatsu D455A-1 radio controlled. This machine is approximately the same size as the 41's, in fact, it knocked the 41 off its perch as the largest on the market at the time. It will be an approx 1500 s/n machine from 1986 and will be modelled from the same machine featured in PA Minings youtube documentary video of the D455A-1 shown here. The D455A-1 was considered to be the 1st Super Dozer placed on the commercial market, as mentioned by PA Mining.

    P A Mining D455A-1.jpg

    This is the 1:1 machine we will build, a 1986 Komatsu D455A-1 with full-U blade and 4-barrel Super Ripper. This photo is from P.A Mining's documentary video to show the machine.(Photo courtesy P A Mining.)

    Progress report: Progress to date is the grousers are done and ready to bolt to the chains.
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