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  1. F

    RT820 drum overhaul help

    Hi folks, I got 2 Wacker RT820's recently to hopefully get one going. The Lombardini engines cost an arm and a leg to work on, so I've converted one (with the worst engine) over to a Predator 670cc from Hobba Flate. There are still tasks to be done on the conversion; tonight I lit up the spools...
  2. Newbury1289

    wacker neuson 9503 no hydraulics

    i have a 2013 Wacker Neuson 9503 rubber tire excavator, I had a problem with the hydraulic pump that runs the travel drive that mounts to the gearbox, I still had all hydraulic functions for everything else, i had the pump sent out and rebuilt the shop said the pump was very worn due to age, i...
  3. R

    Perkins 403 f-15 Issues in a Wacker 3001 dumper

    Hey folks! I'm new here. I've got a Perkins 403 f-15 engine that has me stumped. The initial complaint was the slow loss of power. Pulling any kind of hill in high range, the thing just about stops. If you wind it up and put the hydraulics over relief, it will just about kill it too. Found the...
  4. RenoHuskerDu

    Wacker Neuson parts source?

    I bought a Wacker RTSC2 compactor and need a part or two. First I need a new battery for the controller. That battery must be made of gold cause it's $190 even on fleabay...
  5. C

    If you were looking to buy a used remote trench roller,which is the better buy a Wacker or a Bomag?

    I generally rent trench rollers as needed, but I think I want to purchase a used unit. I mainly have experience with Wacker rollers, but I am not brand loyal. I see plenty of used Bomag and Wacker units around. I am looking for input on which one may be better. Thanks