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john deere

  1. B

    John Deere 2154D (hitachi -3 zx250 size with Deere engine) stalling engine when operating hydraulics at low rpm.

    Hello all, as above when operating this machine at low idle rpm like a warm up scenario, if anything more than 1/4 or half movement of the joystick booming up or arm out it will pull the engine down and if not feathering the controls back toward neutral it will stall the engine. i have diagnosed...
  2. J

    331G electric issues causing def fault code

    Good morning, I’ve got a John Deer 331G skid steer. It’s throwing 5 different fault codes. It’s also saying “Def fault code, power and speed is decreased” two days ago it worked just fine. I cleaned both ground contacts by the fuse boxes. Any other ideas? It seems like it may be a ground issue...
  3. wlhequipment

    Deere 4.219 gas engine for sale

    Deere 4.219 gas engine for sale. Here's a link to the CL ad for details: https://denver.craigslist.org/grd/d/littleton-john-deere-4219-gas-engine/7723485201.html Thanks for looking.
  4. P

    Found a good "JD Yellow" paint source

    Looking for good quality paint for touching up a JD dozer, and being unhappy with the poor results so many people have with the stuff from the generic big stores, I eventually landed at National Coatings & Supplies, based in North Carolina and with an ever expanding number of retail outlets...
  5. M

    2007 John Deere 110TLB fuel tank vacuum, stalls

    Hi there, I have a 2007 John Deere 110tlb and for the last couple months it has been stalling intermittently. Today it stalled, started up again just fine but then I noticed that the fuel tank (which is basically the whole dash) looked like it was collapsing in on itself (vacuum), I cracked the...
  6. J

    Deere 650G final drive

    I have rebuilt the left hand final drive in my 650g direct drive with the upgraded larger axle. It has eaten the seal out twice since we got it back together in a matter of about 30 minutes each time. Is this likely due to damaged on the axle shaft where the seal sits? The lip was chipped off in...
  7. A

    JD 160C LC Hydraulic Noise

    Good day everyone! We've got a 160C LC, ~8000hrs on it, that's recently tarted having a very loud hydraulic whining, sounds like the main pump is cavitating. I'm certain it is because as the unit runs the oil gets foamy and in the sight glass and starts to get louder and louder. The unit never...
  8. J

    JD 555G warning light question.

    So I finally found a track loader, in fact I've had it almost a year now. It's a 555G and I love it. It runs and operates great. But now I do have a warning light that comes on and stays on for the most part. It is the "TRANS OIL FILTER" light. It goes out at times but mostly stays on. Can...
  9. J

    John Deere 850j wlt

    Hi, I have a 850j dozer, everything runs fine other than that I can’t shift it over 1.4 forward and 1.6 reverse, I looked up online, it’s supposed to run up to 3.0 forward.is it in limp mode? Or locked in low range? I bought it at an auction, some leak and broken monitor, replaced the monitor...
  10. F

    JD 110 Backhoe question

    Greetings I bought a John Deere 110 Backhoe loader last year. I have 40 acres I tinker around on. My reasoning for the 110 was the integral backhoe and 3 point hitch option. The problem I have, or at least I think I have, is Ive never removed the backhoe but the 3 point upper arms seem to be...
  11. J

    CT332 Starting Issue

    Hello, Having trouble starting my CT332. It turns, fires, but lights flash and it stops. I replaced the seat switch with no success. I’m at a loss. Any help? Thank you, Jordan
  12. B

    John Deere 26G 27D 35D 35G Mini Excavators

    I am looking to buy some used attachments for my JD 27d. Do you guys know if all of the listed (26G 27D 35D 35G) models use the same size bucket ears for the JD quick attach wedge coupler? Are attachments for all the John Deere 26G 27D 35D 35G interchangable?
  13. J

    650G steering issue

    recently replaced the steering clutch band on the right side of my dozer. It would lock the track up when we changed it now it is as if there’s nothing there. The left side is out of adjustment and needs to be replaced now. I’ll be back inside it soon but was wondering if anyone may have a clue...
  14. M

    JD 270 Loader lockout

    My work has a JD270 and I had the brakes lock up on me, bypassed that with a switch, the loader worked after the repair, another worker worked on the skid steer and now the loader wont work and we can’t figure it out, the pedals were locked out, I bypassed the pedal lockout but the loader still...
  15. P

    Jd 6430 clutch solenoid issue

    Hi all, does anyone have the correct resistance number for the clutch solenoid RE177539. having issues, but want to make sure before I buy a new one. thanks in advance paul
  16. M

    Help for harnesses 200C LC

    Hello, hope you’re fine! Time ago somebody stole all harness from a machine i have, now i collected some money but im trying to look up for part numbers and i got some, but still not sure if thats all I have a 200C LC JOHN DEERE EXCAVATOR All wire was stolen, i mean all harness, in official site...
  17. K

    200D 2 pump mode operation.

    Hey all, This is my first post so bare with me. I have a 200D that a customer would like to enable dual pump mode operation on. If I recall right, there is a DN port on the valve manifold that goes to the tank. I think this line gets hooked to a solenoid a d then plugs off the flow of...
  18. T

    210LE - hydraulic leak / e brake issues

    I am new to tractor ownership so forgive me if these are stupid questions. I’ve had this hydraulic leak for what looks to be a valve for the front bucket. I took photos to the dealership and they just recommend o rings. The issue is I can’t seem to get the valve part off. Is there a trick...
  19. J

    1996 John Deere 544G transmission issues

    So recently bought a 1996 John Deere 544G with the 4 speed transmission ( 1,2,3, and D). Anyway, when going from neutral to forward or reverse it clunks hard once as it shifts and then drives and runs fine, it clunks again as you shift from first to second to third to drive, no matter what gear...
  20. K

    Help removing final drive cover on John Deere 333g

    Would like to know how to remove the final drive cover on my john deere 333g. I am replacing the snap rings and seals. I believe I need to apply force on the cover in order to spin and unlock it but I don't want to ruin it. Thanks!