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ditch witch

  1. M

    Ditch witch gear box won't turn

    Hello everyone, ok I have another project that's kicking my ass. It's a Ditch Witch JT2720 mach1, so the issue I'm having is that the gear box that turns the pipe Does Not turn either way. All other functions seem to be working well, but I don't know where are the coils/solenoids located, that...
  2. 9

    1985 DS4 Ditch Witch Seized Engine

    I have recently been given a 1985 ditch witch with a seized engine. It is my understanding it has been sitting outside in the elements (I live in Alaska) for at least 10 years. I am looking for info on how to release the engine (tried breaker bar) as well as which direction to turn the engine...
  3. JJElectricVA

    Backhoe attachment for Ditch Witch 350sx?

    Hi all, new member here, I'm looking at buying a mid 90's Ditch Witch 350SX that currently has a front mounted (small 3') digging chain and a rear mount rock wheel that interchanges with a vibe plow that's included. Basically it has everything I need other than that, and finding one later isn't...