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  1. J

    Hydraulic in diesel tank

    What a day. Had a guy put 10 gallons of hydraulic into my komatsu pc 200. Luckily, he didnt start it before realizing what happened. We drained about 55 gallons of the mixed liquid from the tank. My mechanic seems to think it is fine to run with just a quick drain and 5 gallon diesel flush. Not...
  2. C

    Bobcat 435 bogs under load after a while

    Hi all- I have a 2006 Bobcat 435, S/N 563212092 and am seeing some issues with it bogging down after use (10 minutes to an hour, variable). Prior to this it will start and run normally. Once it bogs, if I back off usually it stays running as long as I’m quick enough, otherwise it stalls. After...
  3. J

    1963 John Deere 500 Industrial no start

    I changed a hydraulic hose on my 1963 John Deere 500 Industrial tractor/backhoe that I just bought and when I tried to start it to check for any leakage it would not start. At first is turned over but did not start, then it turned over slowly. We had a couple of cold days so I pulled the...
  4. S

    P&H Crane Diesel engine problems

    Hey Guys, The Detroit Desiel in my P&H crane is blending water and oil, im trying to find the source, possible head gasket or freeze plug. Currently, I'm trying to rid the engine block of water. Has anyone tried heating the block with a propane heater to evaporate water?
  5. N

    Deutz 1011 Runaway - Injector Pump Fault? Help Please!

    H All, In a bit of a pickle here and in need of some urgent advice if anyone can help please! I have a Deutz 1011 engine in a Dumper (F3L 1011 L) that came to me for a service but had a running fault so was starting and running but with no revs. I completed the service, the customer then also...
  6. Boreal

    CAT 252B3 losing power when below freezing

    I have a 2012 CAT 252B3 with 2,100 hours on it and C3.4 engine. Since our temps have dropped below freezing, I've been having intermittent issues with losing power and smoking. It happened this past Monday when I went out to use it for moving snow. It was about 20*F out and it started fine (I...
  7. M

    Case 430 loss of Power/White smoke

    2006 Case 430. See Video While doing some evening grading work around the acreage I suddenly lost power and the machine started to sputter and eventually stalls. I can get it started again but it quickly stalls again. At this time i could not see much as the sun had gone down. The next morning I...
  8. R

    error cod d5k

    I have the following errors for my 2011 Cat d5k. It was running normally until it turned off 2x so I turned on the water fuel light along with the red warning. But the water separator sensor was never connected as it broke the sensor fixing pin. It was never connected to the filter. 172-01...
  9. F

    Air compressor w/ John Deere engine

    Hey guys, I have a Gardner Denver air compressor with a John Deere engine. It has a Roosamaster/Stanadyne injection pump JDB431AL2475. (I will get the engine model number) Does anyone know what model pump would cross to this or anyone who can rebuild it? I rebuilt it 2 years ago, put the new...
  10. H

    Looking for Perkin Generator Series 2200 Parts book

    Gents, I am looking to get a copy of Perkins Generator series 2200 Model TGB. Can anyone send a copy if available if not is there any websites where I could get a copy. Regards
  11. H

    Perkins Diesel Engine injector O-Rings gone hard within 2 days!!

    Guys, Could anyone help me with injector O-rings from perkins engine that after replacement have gone hard and broken within few days. They were fine for years and then were worn out had to replace them with new one and again gone hard and broken again. Perkins Generators HEUI 459-8473...
  12. Flat Thunder Channel

    Massey Ferguson MF30E; Industrial Loader

    Hello everyone! I recently purchased this tractor because I can't stay away from FB marketplace. I don't need it, but justified its purchase for some small trenching projects around the house. I need to invest some time and money into fixing it up a little. My question is does anyone, with...
  13. R

    Deutz dumper..... diesel in the engine

    Hi, i have a 3 cylinder Deutz F3L 1011F in a dumper. The other day it went into run-away and i couldn't stop it, lots of white smoke but eventually stopped. Since then i've drained the oil to find lots of diesel in it. If i drain some out of the oil sump i can run it for a little while but lots...
  14. N

    JCB 214E Backhoe no start

    Hello all, new to the forum and heavy equipment. I have a model year 2006 JCB 214E Backhoe with a perkins 4 Cyl. Turbo diesel. The engine cranks but does not start. The previous owner stated the engine would fire up and idle but would not rev up past idle. Then the backhoe sat for 6-8 months and...
  15. R

    Perkins 403 f-15 Issues in a Wacker 3001 dumper

    Hey folks! I'm new here. I've got a Perkins 403 f-15 engine that has me stumped. The initial complaint was the slow loss of power. Pulling any kind of hill in high range, the thing just about stops. If you wind it up and put the hydraulics over relief, it will just about kill it too. Found the...
  16. Rhinovangogh

    Pure vegetable in heavy equipment diesels

    Hi I have a 1949 Hough HF payloader with a gas engine. I also have 1987 Case 850B Crawler Dozer with a diesel engine. Does anyone one know what diesel engines can handle pure vegetable oil and run well? I use pure filtered veggie oil in my 2002 Chevy 1 Ton Silverado with Duramax 6.6 engine and...
  17. D

    Replacing boom hydraulics in 934d-9 gradall?

    Hello Everyone, I own a 1999 Gradall 934D-9. The hydraulic lines are leaking inside the boom. Could someone give me some advice on how to access them? Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you very much, Dexter
  18. D

    2000 Caterpillar D4C IIIXL - Our Neighbor added Diesel to Hydraulic Tank

    We have a 2000 Caterpillar D4C IIIXL Hystat and have been doing some earthwork for the neighbor. We left the dozer at his place overnight and the next day he took the liberty of topping off the fuel tank. The problem is that instead of filling the fuel tank, he poured approximately 3 gallons...
  19. T

    gehl 3725 engine needed

    I have a 95 gehl 3725 and am I need of an engine or block for it , any options? I see I can buy a re man one for from The US for about 7000 since im in Alberta theres and additional 30% on that ? are there any places that I could locate a equipment wrecker ? or does anyone have one that is...
  20. schreib

    not much experience, starting cold weather

    I own only one diesel-- an ASV four cylinder track loader. When trying to start in only mildly cold weather(30°F) I had, what seems to me, significant problems. Problems were related more to keeping it going after start than starting. I expected problems and put in some diesel cold weather...