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case 580

  1. D

    Lost Forward on Case 580C!

    Hey Guys, Lost forward on my Case 580C from stopped! (reverse works great) Did all the maintenance on my new to me Case 580C. (gear oil, engine oil, fuel, power shuttle, all filters,) When I changed the power shuttle fluid I noted some contamination with a 1/2 pint of grey hydraulic oil, some...
  2. H

    580B starter filled with oil

    I have a 1974 Case 580B CK backhoe with a diesel engine. I’ve had issues with my starter corroding and getting filled with oil (contaminated which is another issue all together.) The oil is coming from the torque tube. Is the flywheel supposed to have oil around it? When I split the tractor I...
  3. D

    Help Needed Hydraulic Leak Case 580c Backhoe

    Hello Friends, Excited to purchase a new to me Case 580C. The attached hydraulic line is leaking. (image attached) Can't tell if this is some sort, valvle, sensor, or what the part is there but it's located next to the hydraulic filter and steadily drips hydraulic fluid. Hoping to repair it or...
  4. D

    Help Needed Purchasing Case 580C

    Hello Friends, Does this Case 580C engine sound normal? (video link below) Can't tell if the engine "ticking" sound is normal since I haven't been around these Case 207 engines and feel like I'm hearing a bit of a tick. This is a backhoe I'm considering purchasing from out of town and don't...
  5. J

    Case 580 Super L transmission issue?

    I have a case 580 super L 4x4 backhoe that I bought and have been cleaning up. Was using it and worked fine for 30+ hrs I had been running it. Was driving home from a job and was driving about 20(+/-) mph in 4th gear on pavement and all of a sudden I lost power to my transmission/driveline. No...
  6. U

    Case 580 Super M Stabilizer arm leaking down

    Case 580 Super M Stabilizer arm leaking down I overhauled the stabilizer hydraulic cylinders due to it leaking around the seals and vary slow leak-down while parked (like over a month of sitting) Since then one of the stabilizer leaks down. With the machine pushed up or just letting the...
  7. E

    Looking for info on a 80s 580 case supper E

    The S/N is 9874548. We purchased it and before we order the manual I was hopeful to find out the year. And if any one knows any tips. I’m used to tractors a little newer but excited to clean up and use a tractor that doesn’t have much of any technology. Thank you for input.
  8. S

    CASE 580B HELP!!! Carrier Plate Stuck

    I was changing my brakes and need to replace the oil seal and O ring on the right side. I removed the differential lock and brake housing fine but I cannot get the carrier plate off. I took out the set screw first. Worse yet I pried on it and it broke. Even worse yet it is tight as a drum at...
  9. Caper58

    case 580K hydraulics stopped working

    I bought a 1987 case 580k and have been using it for about a year. Was on a hill working with the bucket when all of the hydraulics stopped working. Bucket, steering, hoe, stabilizers... nothing would move. Opened the hood and the serpentine belt was shredded. Engine will start and run. I have a...
  10. B

    1997 Case 580 LE reverse wont work

    Hi all, I’m hoping that someone may have some advice to my 1997 Case 580 LE with TLB1 shuttleshift reversing problem. The machine goes forward and 4wd perfectly. When engaged into forward it goes in within a second or so but sometimes might take 3 seconds, I have searched the forums and found...
  11. F

    Case 580D backhoe fit on a Case 580CK

    Hello all, Im new on the forum, needing to know if a Case 580D (1981) Backhoe unit will fit onto a Case 580CK (1979). I got the Case 580CK from my Dad with 3000 hrs and the 3 point unit on the back, really needing a backhoe to put on it. We sourced a backhoe from a 580D within 6 hrs of us...
  12. S

    Case 580G -86 hydraulic parts in Europe

    Hey there! I got myself a Case 580G to pick up where my Volvo 400 with a chinese backhoe is struggling, and I got some leaky cylinders and spools to fix. I thought I did my homework checking parts availability and prices for the 580 series but now that I had to go into detail I'm stumped...
  13. C

    Case 580SL Injection Pump problem

    Hey everyone. I am new to the forum, but have been lurking for quite some time. Excellent resource. It has helped me out many times already. Now I have a problem where I am seeing conflicting information. I had to change the serpentine belt on my 580SL and (after MUCH pain getting the coupler to...
  14. Bajtec

    CASE 580CK ? C ? B ? identification help :)

    Hi folks, I'm trying to fix up my backhoe loader, but for various reasons i have problem identifying what exactly model of Case i have. more background here : https://www.heavyequipmentforums.com/threads/confused-owner-of-unknown-case-hybrid-backhoe-loader.84856 and few photos for reference :
  15. Bajtec

    Confused owner of unknown CASE hybrid backhoe loader :)

    Hi all, Due to quite extensive earth works around my home - as inexperienced noob - I bought myself backhoe loader for $5k which supposed to be working and in good shape. Seller advertised it as 2000 Case backhoe. I tried it, and it worked.. to my little knowledge so I ordered transport and it...
  16. C

    2013 Case 580N rear controls wont move

    I have a 2013 Case 580N. With the rear controls to bring them back towards the seat for a better comfort level for whatever reason wont move when you squeeze the adjustment handle. I've crawled under the backhoe, and took a look at the linkage, and it seems clean from dirt/mud. When under the...
  17. T

    580 Super L hydraulics leaking off

    Everything leaks off. Not just one 1 outrigger, boom or front bucket. The front bucket, outriggers, boom, everything. It did this from the time I bought it and was tolerable. It would take days for it to leak off enough that the boom would eventually touch the ground. Now it leaks off while...
  18. J

    Rebuilding Power Shuttle on Case 580se Backhoe

    i have recently purchased a Case 580se Backhoe that would barely move forward. Reverse was fine. After researching and doing pressure tests it became apparent that the Shuttle needed rebuilding. Pulled it apart and the Forward Disks looked pretty bad. I bought a complete rebuild kit, gaskets...
  19. silverstr8p

    Case 580E injector linkage died

    I was running my 580E just fine, but when I shut it off it now won't start. I looked and noticed the injector pump linkage came unscrewed. It just died recently for no reason and I was able to re-attach the linkage and it worked, but now it won't. Seems like there's something inside the pump...
  20. Funny farm

    Oil for break in, and break in procedure tips

    just wanted to start a post to help get some opinions on what oil to use for a break in for a 188 I’m in the process of rebuilding. I would guess a good conventional 15/40 diesel oil but thought I’d ask for some opinions as I have never broke a fresh diesel in before. Also how should I do the...