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boom lift

  1. L

    Boom lifts would be good option or spider lift?

    Boom lifts would be good option or spider lift? Confused. Paint on my roof of home.
  2. Lawrence M Paige

    2006 Snorkel TB42 Suddenly Sounds Alarm and Will Not Start

    I Parked my machine for about 1 week and suddenly have a rapid beeping sound that prevents it from turning over, as if something needs to be resolved before it can commence the start process. Ground and platform ignition react the same. Ignition feels like drained batteries, but the batteries...
  3. J

    JLG 600S won’t lift from platform controls

    Everything works at the main controls. Everything works from the platform controls EXCEPT main lift is very intermittent. The joystick is sending the command to the control board in the platform, however when selected to up it doesn’t even command the solenoid to open at the manifold. Some...
  4. K

    JLG lift replacement hydraulic hose specification - 100R16 vs 100R17

    I have a 600AJ that needs some (most all of them :() replaced. The one that I'm starting with first, when I inspect the hose markings, is a gates M3K-XTF (that's a SAE 100R17 spec hose with a tough cover on it that goes above and beyond the normal specification hose to resist abrasion and...
  5. T

    UPRIGHT AB46Electric Brakes will not release

    Hello all, I am new to lift ownership and bought a bit of a project. most everything functions on the lift except I cannot get the brakes to release. They will release if I apply pressure with an auxiliary pump but of course it will not stop without a quick jog around the machine. I believe it...
  6. L

    Boom lift

    I have a 2006 jlg boom lift. When I engage the foot throttle and try to move lift forwards or backwards, the machine will instantly die. Can anybody help?
  7. M

    Need some advice for BilJax 3632T or ANY inset end-cap outrigger cylinder disassembly

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here, and yes, I did use the search function before waiving the white flag with this post ;). I own a 2005 Bil-Jax (Haulotte) 3632T boom lift with the old-style outrigger cylinders (inset end-caps, flush to edge of cylinder wall) and am wondering if anyone...
  8. H

    Versalift Bucket Extend Issue

    Hi, I have a 2008 F350 with a Versalift TEL-29-N bucket on it. It's currently having an issue with extension operation getting stuck on. When I toggle to extend from both the upper and lower controls it will start extending and won't stop when I release the toggle. I need to toggle retract to...
  9. C

    no engine start = no boom lift = no troubleshooting

    Hello everyone, this Friday my 1994 Case 1840 died suddenly at the bottom of my steep driveway while lifting up a bucket full of snow. It is about 300 yards from the house, the engine was already warm because it was pushing snow in front of it all the way down but it would not fire up again...
  10. T

    Genie 45/22 dual fuel won't start.

    Okay, this is my first post here. I have a Genie 45/22. I think it was built in 1999? I have had it for around 10 years and use it for work around our property pruning trees etc. It has never really run well but up until now it was mostly usable. Over the years I have managed to correct...
  11. H

    Genie S-85 won't rotate

    I have a 2003 Genie S-85 boom lift. Serial # S8003-3563 I have owned it for about 10 yrs with minimal problems. Over time the basket rotate only works when it wants to and the jib the same thing. Then I started to have problems rotating the turn table with boom extended. Some times it will move...
  12. W

    Genie Z60/34 Center Swivel Rotary Hydraulic Manifold Removal

    Has anybody rebuilt a boom lift center swivel? I'm wondering if it can be dropped through the bottom of the machine or if it needs to come out the top. I've hunted around to try to find a swivel rebuild manual but there isn't much out there, of course they had a variety of suppliers so...
  13. S

    JLG 40HA won't high idle.

    Hello, I have an older 1996 JLG 40HA lift that will not high idle. The lift has a ford vsg 411 engine, I recently replaced that engine due to it going bad, with an older style ford vsg 411 with points. I have it installed and the lift functions for the most part except it will not high idle, it...
  14. L

    WANTED: Service manual/schematic Grove MZ46C boom lift

    We are needing to find a service manual and schematic for a Grove MZ46C boom lift as soon as possible. We've been working on this thing for over a month and can't figure out how the hydraulics flow through the aluminum control block. Can anyone please help me out? Thank you!