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  1. D

    How long to clear 5 acres?

    I have 5 acres that is wooded and is mostly 3-8inch trees with some decent size trees in the mix. I'm renting an E50 11,000lb excavator with a hydraulic thumb for 7 days here in a couple weeks & I'm wondering if this will be enough time to clear it? I'm just putting them in a pile and going to...
  2. B

    Bobcat 843 Removal of Lift Control Crossover Bar Help

    Hello all, I am wanting a head nod that I am moving in the right direction here… I need to replace the “bearing” that is in the center of the crossover bar for the foot lift control in my 843 Bobcat. It appears to me I’m going to need to pull the front hydrostatic pump off to be able to get...
  3. G

    Bobcat grader BLR2 receivers

    Does anyone know where you can get the bobcat BLR2 grader blade receivers right now? I am in need of two of them. Would be interested in even renting them if possible.
  4. J

    Bobcat Excavators for Sale Central Texas

    Hey guys, We have two excavators we are selling to below you will find them listed: 2014 E50 1300 Hours Hydraulic Exchange, Enclosed Cab, AC, Delux Control Panel, just serviced. Great machine. 2021 E35 200 Hours pin exchange, enclosed cab, good AC, Delux control panel, Long Arm, great machines.
  5. Alex P

    10Ft trailer for bobcat e20 ?

    So I'm looking at buying a dump trailer and I wanna know if anyone on here knows whether a e20 bobcat can fit on a 10' long trailer either 6' or 7' wide(haven't bought the e20 yet so need a trailer to tow it) 7k axels. Anyone Experienced setting one up like this.
  6. Sharkproof

    Case 1845c Skid Steer Ripoff?

    I recently bought an 1845c at auction based on video, pictures and it's reputation as being "bulletproof". The seller disclosed a hydraulic leak, but claimed unit was operating properly. (I did notice after the fact, that in the video demo the driver only made left turns). Well it turns out...
  7. CraZy CorY

    Rubber Tracks for T595

    I have a Bobcat T595 that needs new tracks and Bobcat dealer wants near 2k each, now in 2022. So I've been looking for a cheaper but wear resistance equal to Bridgestones that come on the Bobcat T595. I found some by United Skid Tracks and was wondering if anyone has tried their C-Lug or Block...
  8. D

    Bobcat e32 bogging down and returns to idle

    Hey y'all, New guy here and am running into issues with my 2019 bobcat e32. The machine only has 360 hours on it and is used every other month or so for fairly light work around my house. Anyways, I bought a mini brush cutter attachment for it that just showed up. Hooked it up and went tracking...
  9. J

    Bobcat T590 2015 Code 7504

    Hey 2015 T590 Track Selectable Joysticks is throwing a code for M7504 Drive no Communication checked fuses, etc.. anybody have any issues or dealt with this before? TIA
  10. B

    Bobcat T450 work lights come on after fuse blow

    I'm having trouble with a Bobcat T450. It blows the fuse for the cab and when it does the work lights come on and stay on until the key is cycled. Can anyone give me a possible cause. Thanks in advance.
  11. T

    Bobcat s70 bucket curl sticking

    I had an s70 come in with a leak and bucket curl function sticking. The leak was from the bucket curl spool seal. I removed valve and resealed the valve. Did not notice any damage to spool or bore. I put everything back together and the bucket curl function was still sticking. I noticed that the...
  12. R

    Bobcat 337 pilot controls not working

    I have bobcat 337 and the pilot controls work off and on changed the lockout sensor and magnet but no difference. Blade works always. Does any one have a wire diagram for it or suggestions. Thanks
  13. Barnlofter

    2004 Takeuchi TL140 fuel stop solenoid

    I just bought a TL140. My first track loader. The last owner put a pull cable to the cab and bypassed the fuel stop solenoid. i would like to go back to all original set up. My first issue is accessing the lower right side of the engine where the kill cable goes and the fuel stop solenoid...
  14. D

    bobcat 853 travel issues

    I have a bobcat 853c just put new engine in machine. it will move forward and backwards but will not steer. are there some screens in hydraulic system that could be pluged?
  15. D

    Bobcat T740 Swashplate sensor error

    Hello, just bought a bobcat T740 skid loader, it's showing an error code for left and right swashplate sensor, code is D7539 and D7541, what i found online says swashplate sensor out of range high. Any info on this problem would be appreciated, as well as where are the sensors located, and are...
  16. DaveSh

    Help to identify my Skid Steer

    I recently bought an old Skid steer to use on my acreage. It works well enough and the price was right. But I'd like to know what it is. I have scoured the internet and I "think" it is a Massey Ferguson? But I have no idea. And it's not exactly like the pictures I found online. Can anyone...
  17. Z

    Bobcat T590

    Hello everyone, my boss and I have been having an issue with our Bobcat t-590. Basically the arms do not want to lift at a normal fast pace compared to our other equipment. We have battling this issue for a long time now and I spent my entire day tearing into the pump and replacing seals and...
  18. 4

    kinda running kohler 662

    I recently picked up a newer Briggs & Stratton that I'm repowering my m500 bobcat with so I'm selling the old Kohler 662 that was in it. It's got about 80 to 90 PSI compression on both cylinders and was running when I removed it. It's always been a bit finicky so it could use I go through but I...
  19. Puggles

    Melroe bobcat m444

    Hi I have a melroe bobcat m444 anybody have a repair/service manual Thanks
  20. Puggles

    Melroe bobcat m444

    Hi I have a melroe bobcat m444 anybody have a service/repair manual Thanks