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bob cat

  1. Z

    Bobcat T190 Cutting out

    Hello all, i have a T190 Bobcat that is having an issue losing all power. I dont feel like it is a fuel issue because it will kill all power to everything; the loader, lights, console, everything. When you press the start button to start the machine some times it will work, other times it will...
  2. T

    2014 e35i low power engine stalls

    Hello, I recently bought a 2014 bobcat e35i that was involved in a roll over accident. I dragged the thing back to my shop pulled the glow plugs cranked it over and got it running. One plug seemed mangled but the little 3 cylinder kubota seems to run smooth no smoke revs up to 2600rpm. The...
  3. Puggles

    Melroe bobcat m444

    Hi I have a melroe bobcat m444 anybody have a repair/service manual Thanks
  4. L

    Bobcat 322 mini excavator manual help

    I've recently picked up a bobcat 322 mini excavator and have some repairs to make before running it on a few small projects I have planned. The rotary union is leaking and will need removal/rebuild and the electrical has been tampered with and an unknown switch has been placed under the seat...
  5. las_machine

    Bobcat s530 and rock hound

    i have a 2013 s530 bobcat and have used my aux hydraulics before for brush hogging with no issue. I bought a well used bobcat brand rock rake 6a and it works fine at first, but today was first time i actually used it for more than 10 minutes and after about a half hr or so i noticed it start to...