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    Morooka mst 2200

    Hey Nige, do you happen to have the file or a link to the latest available CAT literature showing the Duo-Cone dimensions by part number? The copy I have is at least ten years old...
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    Morooka mst 2200

    Thanks Nige, I tried to retire but you keep sending folks in need to me, lol! And I do appreciate it!!!
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    Service Manual Trading Post

    Don't know if I or anyone else ever responded to you, I've been "On a break" from HEF for a while. This should be the correct pump, travel motor, and final parts sheets for your machine.
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    Morooka Mk160

    Is your brake solenoid valve in series with the mechanical brake valve?
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    adding a filter to the off road fuel pump

    Great idea, I would put it in after the existing filter, that way the 2 micron will live longer.
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    From the road less traveled

    Old Mack Bulldog converted from the hand crank gasser??? Wow, LOL!
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    From the road less traveled

    Looks like a diesel with external fuel rails?
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    Mustang 960: Jerky steering / intermittent right sided drive failure

    So, right side weak in forward AND reverse. Weakness on one side, in one direction, almost certainly relief valve. Weakness on one side in both directions, possibly both reliefs for that side, more likely weak pump, most likely weak motor. YMMV As a guess, I think that model uses geroller...
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    D7 17a fluid

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    Bobcat t250 low charge pressure

    NOPE! That would increase cost to manufacture, and reduce parts sales long term. There are indeed bidrirectional high pressure hydraulic filters, but I have NEVER seen them used in any production machine. Only industrial systems typically.
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    Bought a John Deere 304H without an engine, what options do I have?

    Should be, most of those little diesels have SAE/ISO spec flywheels and housings, aside from that, it's back to whatever fits in the space without producing too much heat.
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    Battery Disconnects

    Lmao, I'm out.
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    Battery Disconnects

    Yeah, I don't care if the damn bowl has its own serial number, so does the engine and transmission, they're all still part of the "Scraper" to me. YMMV
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    Battery Disconnects

    I don't remember where it was on the 613's but I do remember chasing battery cables to find it.
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    Battery Disconnects

    You wouldn't be needing to start them then, would you?
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    Battery Disconnects

    Yeah well, the outfits I worked for had machines made before they cabled the OM to the seat, and most of our "operators" had never seen one before their first day, lol
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    Bought a John Deere 304H without an engine, what options do I have?

    Well, I would wait and see if you need anything different, but then I would start with Guardian Coupling
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    Terex TX650 no hydraulic loader nor rear hydraulic functions

    Glad you got it fixed. Damn sad these orphan machines.
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    Bought a John Deere 304H without an engine, what options do I have?

    Should be 12V, speed control is a cable, you can probably use the original shutoff solenoid, mounts can be fabricobbled, the pump drive coupling and mount plate can be bought for whatever flywheel and housing you get. In other words you can pretty well use whatever you can stuff in there. Be...