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  1. td25c

    Extra! Extra!

    AM radio WHAS 840 out of Louisville . Rush comes on at 12 pm with the news . https://whas.iheart.com/featured/rush-limbaugh/ Tony & Dwight at 6 pm for the comedy session drive home .:) https://whas.iheart.com/featured/tony-dwight/
  2. td25c

    What do you like for paint?

    We have had really good luck with Nasson acrylic enamel paint . https://www.johnsonautobodysupply.com/Axalta-Nason-FastDry-Acrylic-Enamel-414-XXXX.html We ordered it though the local Car Quest dealer . Painted equipment and trucks with it . Pretty happy with the way it holds up . Used a...
  3. td25c

    Antifreeze tester accuracy

    We don't get to exited until the "Hamm's " starts to freeze in the can outdoors when winter is knocking at the back door . That's when it's time to check the antifreeze in the equipment .:eek: It's 95% water for the most part .:) 50/50 mix should get you to -34 F … I don't have a...
  4. td25c

    Some cool old tractors

    Nice tractors RZ ! :cool: I'm going with the WD Allis - Chalmers .:D
  5. td25c

    Antifreeze tester accuracy

    Never had any issues with the tester . Used a Prestone rig like this for years . Wonder if the brand of antifreeze aint up to par ? Somebody's been " watering down " the Jack Daniel's ! :( LOL! :D
  6. td25c

    Following my dream(s)

    Well said colson04 !
  7. td25c

    Following my dream(s)

    I love it , nice work on the hydro modifications on the JD 1020 D ! That tractor was built for the " long haul " :cool: No trouble codes flashing on that rig . If it quits it's more than likely out of fuel . LOL !:D This is the " chain gang " staging " for a lake job . Minneapolis -...
  8. td25c

    Setting you may have met

    If the excavator ever shuts down ? Call diesel fuel supplyer & tell them to spill some more " GoGo juice " in it . LMAO ! :D
  9. td25c

    Mack with a DD

    Great combination with the 6-V92 in the Mack . Those Mack's got a funky stench about them to begin with … The Detroit Diesel will help tone it down . :) I like to keep them stinky Dog's " downwind " behind me when possible . LMAO ! :D
  10. td25c

    Following my dream(s)

    Thank you PNW1020D for posting this . Was starting to think I was the only contractor on this forum that incorporates a farm tractor along with the " yellow Iron equipment " on job sites . LOL ! :D
  11. td25c

    Volkswagen kubelwagen video

    I like it ! At least the Germans put the steering wheel on the correct side . LOL! :D
  12. td25c

    Old conventionals at work

    Keep in mind they are at a wind farm ….. :rolleyes: Money is tight and the wind mills aint producing anything close to what is invested in them . Safer & more cost effective work environment would be at a Nuclear , Coal , or Natural gas Power plant as they already know what it take's to...
  13. td25c

    Old conventionals at work

    I'm thinking ….. "Why the hell are they building these subsidized wind farms that will never pay off ? " One more reason to steer clear of those jobs . Now if a feller want's to put up a wind mill on his own dime to pump some water to the livestock I'm cool with that .
  14. td25c

    Working the National 1300A

    I love it ! Nice work Natman.:cool:
  15. td25c

    Impact's "Things Done at Work"

    You will be fine with your experience operating equipment . All those years of hand and foot coordination on job sites will pay off when you decide to lift the Bonanza on you own . :cool:
  16. td25c

    To expand or not

    Good point Aziron ! Ran in to one of those last week …. Feller was asking what we charge per hour on the phone call ? Then he proceeded to tell me the job would take 3 day's . I'm like hey baby bubba ……. We come scope the job out and shoot you cost up front . :) I don't take every...
  17. td25c

    Some people get lucky

    We had a customer call about his 9600 Ford tractor . Pulling great then all the sudden " Zing ! " , engine fell down & black cloud of smoke rolled out the stack . Thank God he shut her down in time . Yanked the turbo and the compressor nut was laying in the intake manifold :eek:. Man...
  18. td25c

    Mini excavator stick end boss machining

    I like that idea ! Simple approach to the task wins every time .:cool: No need to " over think it " .:)
  19. td25c

    Old Hy-Hoe

    Thanks hammerdwn20 ! Swampsters are diligent but it's been awhile since they went up against a Hy-Hoe excavator . Swamp is draining . LMAO! :D
  20. td25c

    To expand or not

    Oh Man .. Embrace & enjoy that time of life suladas .:) That brings back memories …. My Amish buddy accused me of slacking on the job as I only had 3 kids at age 40 . LMAO !:D You still got some time but better get busy . As stated up thread plow on & go for it .:cool...