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    Roadtec RP-195E asphalt paver

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    The new Roadtec RX600E

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    Roadtec RP-195E asphalt paver

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    pictures to share #2

    here's a great night shot of milling
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    What to look for in a double drum roller?

    If you want a roller with high frequency/low amplitude and high amplitude/low frequency option,CAT actually has an optional feature on the 10 to 15 ton asphalt rollers called the Versa Vibe.That option allows roller operators to set the vibration settings on a high frequency/low amplitude or...
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    Caterpillar's new AP1055E asphalt paver

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    Tracks vs Tires on Asphalt pavers

    The good thing with tracked asphalt pavers they actually have good advantages over rubber tired pavers and they work well on all subgrade materials and they can handle hills and terrains with ease.With rubber tired pavers,they tend to spin on soft subgrades and on hills and terrains in some...
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    Too cold to lay asphalt?

    In the State of Maine,contractors can only pave wearing surface course at 50 degrees or rising and they can pave base or binder courses at 40 degrees or rising on state D.OT projects.
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    Looking to buy Paver

    I actually saw the new Dynapac F1000T paver.the shape and design on that paver almost looks like the CAT AP-1055D paver except the Dynapac F1000T has a lower profile height than the CAT AP-1055D.
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    Electric vs Fuel heated asphalt paver screed units

    Mauldin 1750C actually has an electric heated screed as an optional feature.
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    Paving a super speedway

    I've actually seen photos how they pave racetracks and it's actually the most challenging projects especially when they have to work on the part of the racetracks where there is steep banks on the side.
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    Video clips of paving operations in Minnesota

    I actually found these clips on youtube and I thought these clips would be interesting to share to this website.
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    indoor paving class.

    That's really a good way to learn paving operations.With road construction season coming soon,it's a real good idea learn the basics of running the pavers and rollers.
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    Electric vs Fuel heated asphalt paver screed units

    andoman Not all big pavers have electric heated screeds,some of the brand that makes smaller pavers like Leeboy,and Bomag have electric screed heaters on some of their models.Electric screed heaters actually work very efficiently and reduces warping on screed plates and heats very evenly.Some of...
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    What to look for in a double drum roller?

    If you're looking for an asphalt roller that is suitable for bigger jobs,A Bomag BW284AD might be a suitable size for it.If you're even looking for a vibratory asphalt roller that has oscillating vibrators in it,Hamm would be the only brand makes the vibratory rollers with the oscillation units...
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    Looking to buy Paver

    Caterpillar definitely makes the best asphalt pavers on the market.I have been quite a big fan of CAT branded asphalt pavers.
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    Video clips of paving operations in Minnesota

    YouTube - Main Line Paving Hwy 47 South Bound Mlps, MN
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    Video clips of paving operations in Minnesota

    YouTube - Hwy 95 Cambridge Minnesota
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    Video clips of paving operations in Minnesota

    Here are some video clips of Hardrive's milling and paving crews in action. YouTube - Main Line Paving on Hwy 47 in Mlps, Minnesota
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    Material Transfer Vehicles and Material Transfer Devices

    Are you a paving contractor that paves roads,highways,and airports and in a market for Material Transfer Vehicles or Material Transfer Devices such as windrow pickup machines,here are the following tips that may want to research and consider. 1.Check with the Local/State D.O.T's and find out...