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  1. Canuck Digger

    Brush Cutter

    I had my HD mechanic create continuous flow on my 6 ton hitachi (2012). No idea what he did but it's 2 switches you flick. So it's doable, at least on that machine.
  2. Canuck Digger

    Case TR series No Throttle Down

    Just thought I post the "fix" for anyone that may have a similar issue down the road. Wasn't much of a fix..... Turns out the foot pedal throttle was jammed with some dirt and it is what was not returning to idle. Since the two throttles work together it was causing the hand throttle to not...
  3. Canuck Digger

    Yanmar 100vs

    Looking forward to the feedback on these. Not holding my breath but I do like my yanmar stuff.
  4. Canuck Digger

    No power TR270

    Sounds like you might be able to get it going to put on trailer. When my TR was in a no go mode with a bunch of error codes, I ended up hiring a crane truck to take it to dealer. Wasn't bad $ wise. Good Luck. I have the same machine, Too many wires and sensors in them now.
  5. Canuck Digger

    Case TR series No Throttle Down

    Thank you. Yes. Should be an option, technically.... :)
  6. Canuck Digger

    Case TR series No Throttle Down

    Yeah. very true. It's an alpha A/radial lift
  7. Canuck Digger

    Case TR series No Throttle Down

    Wondering if anyone has has the same issue on a Case TR series. The machine will only throttle up, but moving the throttle lever down to idle position does not deacrease rpm.s/throttle. Consequently now the machine can only be started at pretty close to full throttle which isn't ideal. Thoughts?
  8. Canuck Digger

    tb240 vs cat 304

    Kinda thinking the TK is not a zero/reduced tail swing but the cat is.?? Would that make a difference? I'd prob. odpt for the TK. They're tough and reliable. Just not a huge Cat fan based on my previous Cat experience.
  9. Canuck Digger

    will a CTL push snow?

    I use both wheel and a track machne for snow removal. I bought a box of I grip carbide screw in studs and they work pretty good. Key was to get them long enough to they don't rip out of the track. Prob. have 60 hours on the machine of snow removal, some mulching and some road grading and 90%...
  10. Canuck Digger

    Need general opinions about brands

    You're sure on it with the analytics. Some great data gathering and analysis. Coming from a former numbers guy, turned into operator/contractor purchasing the right machine goes quite a ways beyond just those numbers. Pretty much all of the mainstream brands are good brands. A machines price...
  11. Canuck Digger

    CAT 279D-Is dealer lying about need to remove engine to clean DPF and clear ECM code

    I feel for ya. Its unfortunate all the new equipment is "take it to the dealer" only. Once you buy a brand they got ya, so choose carefully. I just had to take my case TR270 with less than 1k hrs. in for an electrical issue in one of the joy sticks. $6k later she was fixed.! Most of my...
  12. Canuck Digger

    ctl mulcher questions

    I run a 3 blade high flow rotary unit made by Davco. (not a mulcher with carbide teeth) Been running it for about 2 years now. Certainly different from a mulching head, also quite a bit more cost effective. It's great for cutting down underbrush, black berries, sage etc. to ground. It'll do...
  13. Canuck Digger

    Hyundai robelex 60

    I have one of its small brothers. Pretty smooth machine actually. Overall been pretty good. Just some fairly minor annoying things like fuel gaugue lights burning out, couple of plastic pieces falling off. Local parts availability probably wont' be great as there aren't that many of them around.
  14. Canuck Digger

    Mini X Auger / Cone Splitter

    Hey, Just wondering... I have a HD auger that I can run on either my 3.5 ton or my 6 ton machine. Just curious if one could use the auger power head to double up as a cone style log/stump splitter.
  15. Canuck Digger

    Looking at Buying New 2022 , 1.7 tonne Excavator

    They certainly have their place. I have one. It's a Hyundai. Quite happy with it. Hydraulic quick change, thrumb, stable and surprisingly smooth. Decent access under the hood for a little guy. One of the things I'd look at is the canopy system One of the reasons I purchased the machine is...
  16. Canuck Digger

    Mini X vs CTL rubber track lifespan

    I've got a a 2012 yanmar 3.5 ton and a 2012 hitachi 6 ton. Machines do everything from mowing, septic, foundation digging/backfill, drain tile. Mix of clay, rock, sand, some demo etc. Both machines have approx. 2,700hrs on them. Both are still on the original OEM tracks. The yanmar has...
  17. Canuck Digger

    Blowing out hydraulic fittings running an attachment

    Howdy everyone, Trying to figure something out and hoping some of you might be able to help. Running a flail mower on my 6 ton hitachi. Pressure wise the 2 are compatible, the valves end of things has been professionally installed and I've run numerous other attachments on this set up. I've...
  18. Canuck Digger

    oscillating Brush Shark or rotary brush mower

    Not sure what sort of GPM you get out of that machine, but the more the better. Just make sure you match the mower to the machine in that regard. Also make sure your have lexan or some type of forestry protection. I run a high flow mower on my machine and it'll do 5" w/o too much trouble.
  19. Canuck Digger

    Case TR270 codes 5511 and 5512

    Got to talk to the service manager on Friday. Looks like root cause of the problem was wires rubbing through inside the joy stick. New harness and a fair amount of labor. Not a cheap fix, so hope she's good for a while.
  20. Canuck Digger

    Case TR270 codes 5511 and 5512

    I looked it up. can't quite remember but something along the lines of stuck spool valve. Could be a wiring issue as well. I believe these have been checked. Should get a report tomorrow am. Via a verbal I was told all the relevant switches, sensors, fuses have been checked etc.