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    The 233 H&L Teeth vs 230

    233's stay on fine and wear better. The only thing you need to keep in mind is they are a slightly larger tooth. It does make it a little harder to pull through the ground.
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    Cat 308 kx080

    Both are good machines, the most important thing is making sure you can get parts for the one you are going to buy. Most of the 8 ton machines will make it to 10k no problem as long as they are maintained. I am also a converted backhoe guy, The excavators last longer, stay tighter, and are...
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    Deere/Wacker Neuson excavator agreement

    It is interesting that they pulled away from Hitachi to manufacture their own machines only to partner with Wacker. But WN has been building good products for other OEM's for years.
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    Comparing Deere 310 sj/sk to 410 j/k backhoes

    I have owned both, I prefer the 310 size to the 410. I also much prefer the open center gear pump, in my opinion a good operator can get more from from the machine. The biggest difference in my opinion is balance, the 410 has a much heavier boom. If you are just on flat ground the 410 is fine...
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    Deere 310sj / sk or 410j / k with the TC or TMC option

    I had a TMC machine and would not recommend even considering it. They are an electrical nightmare wiring harness issues under the seat, seat location sensors ( three of them), o rings on the cylinder valves. I could go on and on, they are very fast when they work. I had to buy another machine...
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    Kx 080-3 high hours

    I run my machine at half throttle most times. At this rpm it sips fuel and my Hydraulic pump will last considerably longer. Can a new machine be ran this way without having regen issues? And can the -4 do 10k hrs with major issues? DPF machines like to have a load on them and heat from that...
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    Wain Roy vs Werk Brau mechanical quick couplers on mini excavators

    A pin grabber also lets you run the buckets backwards if needed. That come in handy sometimes depending on what you are doing.
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    Opinions on Takeuchi

    My AC indicator in a Takeuchi would always kick on and off making the cab get hot. It took me a couple years to figure out how to fix it, if you put the selector switch to front, back, and floor it will keep the AC pump kicked in all the time and the cab will be much more comfortable.
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    8-9 ton class excavator dependable life expectancy

    I have a little over 5k hours on a TB 290 Takeuchi running a very heavy helac type coupler (swinger) and have had basically no down time. The machine gets worked really hard and has been the best tractor I have ever owned over the course of 20+ years in business. A company I work with all the...
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    Paccar vs Cummins Engines

    Paccar px-7 (ISB) and px-9 (ISL) are Cummins engines re badged. The larger Paccar engines are not Cummins products.