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    Safety BS

    Our tracked skid steer we changed the seat switch to a toggle switch. Get in it, hit the switch and ready to roll. Door switch and seatbelt switch still work as designed so if you leave the cab it will still lock everything out.
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    Which gun

    I have that gun on my miller 255. Only had it for a couple months but its been good. Got some dual shield to do this summer so we will see then.
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    ISL Serial Number Location?

    Ecm should have a tag too. Any chance its in a pete? No computer to hook up to it?
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    2005 Peterbilt 335 clutch fan runs all the time

    Diagrams attached. Any check engine lights on? ECM coolant temp, intake temp and a/c will turn on the fan. The temps you see in the gauges are separate sensors from what the engine sees. If you could get a laptop on it the computer will tell you want switch/sensor is commanding the fan on...
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    2005 Peterbilt 335 clutch fan runs all the time

    last six of s/n?
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    Shop parts washer fluid choices.

    Nah you can buy machines and fluid outright. Think I was quoted north of 3g for the Bio circle parts washer. Bought one used from someone who had no idea what it was for 300$
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    Shop parts washer fluid choices.

    Im running walter CB100 in a heated Bio circle parts cleaner. So far I am liking it. Easy on the hands and nose. Seems to melt the oil and grease off nicely. Works ok at room temp, if you let it heat for 2 hrs it works even better. Oil separates from the fluid and sits in the top of the...
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    Tool prices are stupid

    I keep a list of all my tools for insurance. From 2018 to now most of the Snap-On tools went up 40-60 percent. Some doubled. Total for replacement cost today is $134,000 cad. I bet I spent 70,000 or less on all of them throughout the last 15 years. With the prices of stuff now I can see why...
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    Suggestions on a battery cable lug crimper?

    The hydraulic crimper @Birken Vogt showed is the best. They have 6 sided dies and make beautiful crimps. The 4 sided dies do not look nearly as nice. The hammer ones look like a farmer installed them. Also if you are crimping the terminal for a quick connect, usually the hammer ones squash...
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    Lock & Stitch block repair

    I think this is the CAT procedure you are looking for. No experience with it but we have pulled engines to have a local machine shop weld them up and they have always turned out great and lasted. Had an ISX that was in an accident and snapped off the front comer of the block through 2 bolt...
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    Thoughts on Strobel Scrapers?

    We run a converted Letourneau Ls 11 yard scraper behind a 8030 New Holland FWA tractor at 300hp. Full set of weights on the 8030 and traction is still the limiting factor. In light soils or sod you can load the bowl so fast it almost flies out the back and heaps up past the hoop. In clay you...
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    1994 Peterbilt 378 Cab Fire - Wiring Harness Fault

    As you are well aware most parts people these days are sub standard. Some of them just dont care at all. Attached is some pics from the microfiche of an 82 pete. Still able to look it up, most of the part numbers still work.
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    1994 Peterbilt 378 Cab Fire - Wiring Harness Fault

    For a cab harness part number or serial number of the motor it shipped with? Should be able to find both even going back to the 80s. Cab harness may not actually be available on a older one.
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    1994 Peterbilt 378 Cab Fire - Wiring Harness Fault

    Corrosion from people installing windshields with no sealant corrodes out most older pete fuseboxes. Done a lot of burnt wiring harness replacements on older 379s, usually in the engine compartment though. Just did a 2022 389 cab harness that burn out from driver installed chicken lights...
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    Cat C15 Stumble and Smoking

    I've chucked in 2 liters then changed oil later the same week. Sometimes the detergent in the ATF can clean out the IVA's, sometimes it makes no difference. Also just into the engine oil. Fuel has nothing to do with the IVA's
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    Isx liner shims!

    The shims for 150mm and 152mm liners are the same. Are you trying to cut out cracks that are deeper then .030"?
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    Dump Truck Questions

    Every dump truck that we have sold/ worked on has been a tandem or tridem with Air-Trac suspension. The only walking beam dump truck we have sold in the last 20 years went right to a mine and got 50ton loaded on it. Standard procedure is the PTO gets plumbed to the dump valve for the air ride.
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    Scottish heavy equipment mechanic

    Crossed the border on harleys alot. Only one time did the US border ever even open my trunk, all the other times was straight through. They never seemed to care too much even when I had a huge beard and long hair past my shoulders. Always had the max amount of alcohol/ tobacco coming back...
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    New Cat engines

    Installed a few of the reman new block 6NZs in trucks . The block is actually a SDP block. Ordered a 2WS long block and it had an SDP block as well. SDP block is ORB, 2WS is still pipe thread. Had to get a bunch of new fittings to make it all work.
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    Cat C15 Stumble and Smoking

    The IVA's can stick when cold and cause the stumble/white smoke. Once they warm up they straighten up. You can back the IVAs off to .050 then take it for a spin when cold. If it goes away then set one IVA head at a time and test drive til the problem re occurs and replace that head. Usually...