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    953 Dip Stick

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    953 Dip Stick

    the tube is broke down at the block, so I should be able to unscrew the nut and replace the tube, is that right?
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    953 Dip Stick

    Ok we have another problem, 953 20Z 4cyl machine, can the engine oil dip stick tube be replaced with out dropping the pan, thank again for any replys
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    953 start switch

    Thats what I have been running into also
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    953 start switch

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    953 start switch

    Need some help, have to replace start switch on a 953 20Z loader the old wires burnt off need to know where they went have 4 wires small orange,3 bigger ones white,red,orange,can not find a wiring diagram that helps,thanks for any help
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    Anyone have a Wiring diagram for a cat953 20Z

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a Cat953 20Z , having a charging issue thanks
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    terex mini excavators?

    Terex I have a 2005 TC35 for a few years now and its been a very good machine, good reach,digging power,the only thing I dont like is the blade it should be out a little more from the machine but thats ok its a excavator not a dozer
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    Pics of your mini!

    Had it for a couple years now no problems,runs good ,plenty of reach,the cyl on top is a real good design
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    Pics of your mini!

    HR-16 Terex stumping
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    TAKEUCHI TB138FR Excavator losing Engine RPM when Digging

    Third owner and only 75hrs ? something seems fishie
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    Got a RC50 very good machine no problems, however you have to take care of the undercarriage, it more of a finish grade machine,but it will do it all
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    key for 955L trackholder ... where to buy?

    try http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_nr_n_4?rh=n%3A3753961%2Ck%3Acat+keys&keywords=cat+keys&ie=UTF8&qid=1384811121&rnid=2941120011
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    Cat 951-C in my sights

    Looks like you may need sprockets very soon too
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    ASV RC30 controls

    So what was the problem with your rc30
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    this link may help,not much out there about this machine http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/van/grd/3841159880.html
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    Topcon RL-H4C slope setting???

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    Topcon RL-H4C slope setting???

    I just got one also ,I have to figure it out to
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    Looking to buy my first skid steer

    We need the end to the story