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    Torque Multipliers vs Torque guns

    The Cat 6V6080 ( I THINK THATS THE NUMBER) 18 to 1 multiplier IS the best general duty multiplier in the industry - period. Unfortunately this multiplier has in some circles been given the worst reputation in some cases. This comes from it,s use and individuals putting themselves in harms way...
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    Caterpillar "Product Improvement Program" PIP

    There are various levels to it, before failure, before or after failure, priority, safety that sort of thing. For most they have an age table that indicates how costs are divied up. It,s not something you can just "go and find" as some are dealer discretion how they are handled but if you have a...
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    Rolling Pusher Block on Scraper

    You gotta take into account these scrapers are not mass earthmovers like a self propelled unit we all know and love and as such have to be used differently too, in most cases they will have a farm tractor up front and likely some other farm tractor pushing at the rear so it wont be the...
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    D9L exhaust studs

    Yeah 3412 in 773,s got a bellows manifold to help with the expansion but they were the worst suffering of all 3412 due to the duty cycle a truck see,s (cooling down while loading, high temps on the haul and cool on return especially if a downhill haul to the pit) There has never been an upgrade...
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    3408 in D9N

    3408 cranks are touchy especially if you don,t get the fillet radius right the cranks snap through there pretty easy, due to being 65 degree V and the pins offset they are not super strong there but obviously there are thousands of them out there giving no trouble but when you don,t do em right...
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    New scraper

    I have seen the floor plan for the "gold lot" and there is no scraper there so i think someone got the press release wrong. They will have the 627K at Tucson for that part of there Conexpo program.
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    Caterpillar Sproket Removal (also Komatsu)

    Brings back great memories for me, i did my time with the Cat dealer in Sydney starting in 85 and sprocket pulling/pusshing jobs were everywhere, big thing you had to remember was to get the absolute 100% correct gear or you were gunna have a pissed off customer. I remember doing 3 D9H sprockets...
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    Cat 6040 excavator assembly time lapse

    The only bolts i have ever marked are those to be torque turned, never marked any others in my life, i used to work on the logic if the bolt goes in it is tightened, if i can,t tighten it, it does not go in. I have seen many loose bolts that have had X on the head.
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    Cat 6040 excavator assembly time lapse

    Thats pretty neat and good to see the get her done aproach, boy if that was in Australia the ribbon tape man and bollard man and the witches hat man would have all gone home rich from the sales.
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    16M shifting issues

    M series are going OK these days, sure they should have been going OK about 5 years ago but it is what it is. You can also set up what grade hyd oil is in the machine by programming the ECM with the info, the "brains" will then alter things to provide more optimum performance, get this checked...
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    16M shifting issues

    Priority 1, make sure the machine is set up with the correct flashfiles, the issues that have been addressed through upgraded flashfiles are many and varied, get these checked by the dealer first but just make them bring the latest with them when they go to the machine.
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    Importing SSL to Australia

    Why not buy one in Australia, no one will honour any wty or goodwill on a machine you import yourself.
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    140m hydraulic question????

    If your machine has product link and you are set up to view it via visionlink you can check what flash files the machine has sitting at your PC. Should they not be the latest you will still need the dealer to update them.
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    140m hydraulic question????

    Got all the latest flashfiles in it? you can also tell it what grade hyd oil you have in it so the brains can compensate for it through control of functions etc.
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    Cat 777B questions

    Chassis cracks, look for those, all the components, well they just get changed out as necessary. You can get a small tool and measure brake pack heights, this will indicate wear and remaining life, ask the dealer to do that as part of the inspection. 777B is a fine truck overall, maybe check how...
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    500ton trucks...

    Only got 1 number option left, 799. I think the site is called Pandora Brian, LOL!!
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    Cat D3B

    Wet brakes gone dry or vice versa? sounds like a steering clutch and brake out jobby to me.
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    All good suggestions here guys but don,t forget about the basics, fuel filters, water seperators, fuel supply tap etc. so many times everyone goes for ET and it don,t tell you a filter is plugged inside or a fuel line has a blockage etc. Remember the basics and simple stuff!
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    Caterpillar Sprocket Puller

    Pathull, i don,t have any sprocket pulling gear but have used every bit you would need and at our former dealerships in NSW when i worked there we had the lot, you are right it is a dieing art, unfortunately there is a very good reason for it and that is because the amount of those older...
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    hard surfaceing ripper points

    The penetration tip will make a poor operator look that little bit better Nige as it "gets in" to the material easier initially. Keeping it sharp still falls back to the guys technique.