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    Genie Z80/60 suspected Hydrualic issue

    Dear Sir, I'm having some issue for the Genie Z80/60 (S/N: Z8005-593). For the Secondary boom can only be function when the machine is hot. So every morning 1st start I need to wait for about 5 to 10 min till the machine hot than the secondary boom can function. the rest of the function is fine...
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    Dear All, I have an unit CAT 980H having some issue. 1) Bucket tilting up/down very slow. After checking with the pressure other Arm pressure is at 300bar, but when tilting bucket up is 100 bar, tilting down is only 50 bar. 2) The Axle having knocking sound 3) Hand brake very difficult to...
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    Cat 950F Hydraulic Brake noise

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    Cat 980 h wheel loader

    Hi Nige, Well noted. will try it out. Thanks
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    Cat 980 h wheel loader

    Dear All, Sorry to hijack the conversation, as I'm new in this forum and don't how do i start the conversation. I have an unit of CAT980H having some issue. Bucket tilting very slow but the rest is working fine. May I Know what should i do? TIA