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  1. basspro

    New grove tms9000-2 ccs anyone familiar?

    hey guys I’m running one of these tomorrow and can’t find much on how to run the new lmi in it. I’ve seen a couple videos on how to program the boom, but nothing on how to load counterweight. I know i gotta drop the top plate before I load the overlays, but got no clue on how to program that...
  2. basspro

    Arborist lifting from 2 part block?

    hey all I’m doing trees with a Liebherr ltm1095. It only has shy of 13k line pull. So we are leaving it 2 parted with the block on. The climber is tying off to the hook itself and his 2nd tieoff is on the reliefs on the block itself, with no way of coming out. It has been asked if that is legit...
  3. basspro

    Anyone familiar with terramite t5c?

    just picked it up for pretty cheap. She runs great for the loader and backhoe. BUT she is ungodly slow driving forwards. Reverse seems slightly better. From what I’ve read the top speed is about 4mph, and that’s guessing what mine does. Anyone know how to soup up the hydrostatic drive in em? Or...
  4. basspro

    Just some work pics

    Yes sir. You are not alone. Last week with one of our 265's...i'm the short guy...and we still rigged in in 90 minutes
  5. basspro

    Oe3 crane rental probable strike vote tomorrow.

    Don't know if there is any other local 3 crane rental hands on here, but this week the crane owners made their last best offer, so tomorrow July 1st at 8:am at the iron workers hall in cordelia is the vote. You must bring your union card to vote, and are urged to bring families also. This is no...
  6. basspro

    Anyone in Missouri?

    Thanks guy. I been running crane rental mostly all juice rigs (mostly Liebherr 265) and like it. But do have exp building bridges with crawlers...def not a friction hand though. I'd be looking at moving around this time next year. I'm operating engineers, and like to stay union also
  7. basspro

    Anyone in Missouri?

    hey guys been thinking about moving to Lebanon, mo from California. Wondering what the taxi service job outlook is back there.
  8. basspro

    Expected Cost to Hire A Crane?

    Seems like a 14K/lb grade all would do the job. Prolly cheaper
  9. basspro

    Terex Crossover 6000

    We have 3 80 ton terex boom trucks. All are on 5 axle chassis (2 steer axles, 3 drive axles). Got em brand new and other than having a fat chart, they suck. Slow, jib is a joke (sad sad joke), all have blown the PTO outta the tranny more than once, Easy to overheat the fluid, and ours are on...
  10. basspro

    De-rate / re-rating a crane

    I work crane rental in Northern CA. Whenever counterweight has to be brought to the crane an oiler is required. We have an 80 ton link belt that when the cheek weights are needed, so is an oiler. on the flip side, we also have a 90 ton Link Belt RT that doesn't need an oiler.
  11. basspro

    Crane setup and lmi lit

    I seen to be having a hard time finding literature, or crane computer videos. I work crane rental, and i pretty much know liebehr and link belt, but grove and terex are new to me, and i'd like to read up before i find out at 6pm i'm taking one out to SF at 5am lol
  12. basspro

    What crane would you pick?

    I run a ltm1220 and love it. If you can score one that has the outrigger control pad and not the remote with low hours get it! It is quicker to rig in/out and you can use all funtions in the upper, while running outriggers with the lower. The 1220 is a 265 ton, i dont know if the 1200 is the...
  13. basspro

    looking for info on the grove rt635 at the local 3 training center.

    Hey folks. I am headed up there to take my practical cco, and have not really been around grove computers at all (just linkbelt and Lebeir). I understand the crane is single axis lever instead of joystick which is fine, but I was wondering about running the boom out? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. basspro

    anywhere take tires for free?

    I got about 2000 tires to dispose of. In central CA.
  15. basspro

    CCO Study materials.

    Anyone know know of any study materials for the CCO core, Lattice crawler, Fixed cab hydro, and swing cab hydro. I am an apprentice so $$ is a little tight. I took the sample Core on the website and did pretty good, but am worried about the specialty exams. Thanks.
  16. basspro

    Apprentice looking for Literature, study guides, and pocket gudes.

    I am a 1st step Crane apprentice, but came into the union as an apprentice dirt donkey. So I got 5 weeks of dirt training, but missed out on crane training. I am coming up on 1000 hours working as an oiler (110 ton Linkbelt 218 conventional crawler). I have been pretty lucky to get decent seat...
  17. basspro

    super newbie..almost embarrasing questions.

    I know it's old thread but thanks for the info folks. I ended up going through the local 3 CEO (heavy equip 5 week courses), but have only worked as an oiler. 100 ton Grover hydro truck crane (my experience driving truck really helped out there) for Summit Crane, and currently working with 110...
  18. basspro

    super newbie..almost embarrasing questions.

    I start my apprenticeship on Monday, & want to go equipped for success. So here is some uber basic kinda laughable questions: 1. What kinda boots y'all use? (steeltoe, 6 or 8 inch, get some trow aways cause they will get beat, or worth it to pop for another set of Wesco's (what I have now $275...
  19. basspro

    After years of waiting I get my OE3 apprenticeship interview tomarrow morning!!!!

    @ scrub puller, I am pretty good on the bass guitar ;)
  20. basspro

    After years of waiting I get my OE3 apprenticeship interview tomarrow morning!!!!

    I GOT I start training on the 18th of next month! ty all, I look foreward to learning & am shure to have many Q's wich I hope to share here for folks in the future (if they have not been asked & answered before).