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  1. SpaceDog67

    How Much Work Can I Expect?

    sometimes even 7 days per week, depends on how much work needs to be done.
  2. SpaceDog67

    topcon laser

    what kind of license do you need to use it?
  3. SpaceDog67


    double thanks!
  4. SpaceDog67

    More Petersburg Blasting and Crushing

    look dusty to me
  5. SpaceDog67

    How much would this plant cost ?

    Thing is sure massive!
  6. SpaceDog67

    What will it take to break this chunk in half?

    Might sound stupid but what about jackhammer?
  7. SpaceDog67

    Wrecking Ball

    never thought about using it that way. Well, I never actually:rolleyes: used one as well
  8. SpaceDog67

    New Rails

    Welding sure can take some time indeed. Not in this case but it sure can be decreased. As far as I know, couplings can be connected by mechanical pressing. Well, yeah, a little off-top but a tip for the future. There's also less environmental impact with using the hydraulic pressing system. I...