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    Budd wheel indigestion

    You mean the tire shop torque wrench? They are only supposed to be 450-500 ft-lbs. But Bubba down at the tire store turns his inch gun up to 11 and tightens until the air compressor can't keep up. It must be in the tire shop training manual somewhere. They all do it the same way.
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    Mack-Phase Two

    Someone told me there's a beautiful woman behind every tree in North Dakota.
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    Insurance question for the independents

    I have had similar issues. I have general liability, shop keepers, and commercial vehicle. All were a pain in the butt. Everyone wants a ton of specific experience. Progressive was cheapest for me for CMV, but it's still $5,000 a year for 50,000 GVW. That just liability and cargo. The shop...
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    Kenworth with 10 speed and a Detroit

    FWIW, I used to work in a foundry that made some parts for Allison Transmissions. Talk about a bunch of first rate A-holes. My boss threw one of their quality control reps out of our building followed by a "never come back". I'll never buy an Allison product if I can help it.
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    Walker's work doing's

    I was always taught that a good engine should have 10 psi for every 100 RPM at cold start up.
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    Kenworth with 10 speed and a Detroit

    I think the only thing that holds back the Allison is the cost. I believe it's about a $20,000 option at the time of purchase. And the maintenance costs are also quite high. Oil is $40/gallon and needs to be changed every 25,000 miles or so. That said, the Allison does prop up the resale value...
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    rear hub seal and inner bearing stayed on axle when I removed hub.WTH.

    Lots of the those Internationals used Spicer axles. It may have a two piece seal, which usually just press in by hand. It's not too difficult for them to pop out.
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    Kenworth with 10 speed and a Detroit

    You also have to remember that our weight laws are quite different here. 90% of all tractor trailer rigs in the US will never gross more than 80,000 lbs (say 36,000 kg). I'd say at least 70% of all straight trucks in the US will never gross more than 54,000 lbs (say 25,000 kg). In fact, many...
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    Walker's work doing's

    ^Those are the exact model I wear^. They don't have them on the shelf anymore, I have to order them. I have over 3 years on mine and the toe is torn out and one of the hook eyelets has broken off. I got 5 years on a pair once, but can't get that anymore.
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    Kenworth with 10 speed and a Detroit

    I recently worked on a tandem dump truck that was built from a converted T600 tractor. It was a crap setup IMO. Those highway trucks don't have enough ground clearance for offroad use. The fairings are always dragging. This one also had a super 10. And the air bag suspension is pretty sketchy in...
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    Kenworth with 10 speed and a Detroit

    That's a GM thing. They call it a "short 4th". The old grain trucks I used to work on were set up that way.
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    Kenworth with 10 speed and a Detroit

    Well since we're past helping the OP and just throwing out opinions: my favorite transmission is the 8LL. You see them all the time here in tandem dump trucks and grain trucks. You rarely see them in a tractor trailer set up. I don't find the deep reduction that handy moving forward, but for...
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    Aftermarket heads/parts for Cats.

    I'm sorry, but that is not true. I've personally been in a local facility that casts and machines cylinder liners for Cat engines. I believe they also machine some in house but I'm not sure about the castings. There are several large scale manufacturers of cylinder liners here in the US such as...
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    3406e ecm no communication with ET

    Have you tested for a communication signal with an oscilloscope? I don't know what protocol Cat uses, possibly TTL or CAN. Either way, a scope is the best way to check for communication. You have to be a little careful with terminating resistors, but you should be able to isolate which...
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    That Snap-on is the same as the Nexiq correct? I think the only other options are Texa and Bosch. Both will be in the $7-8,000 range. There are some Chinese tools from Launch and Autel that claim to work with HD equipment, but they seem to only support Asian origin equipment. The only way to...
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    How?? burned through piston within hour of startup...

    So this means when the pump is advanced we are getting 40ish degrees of timing advance? Yikes :eek: Perhaps worse, at full load we're stuck at 20 degrees of advance.
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    1993 volvo l150........again

    They (whoever that is) make a special indicator sled for the purpose. I just use a surface gauge, which is a fancy tool machinist have :cool:
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    1993 volvo l150........again

    Be sure to check the flatness of the head and block. Before pulling it apart, I would have checked for combustion gasses in the coolant. If present, I would be worried about the liners sinking. If it's just leaking coolant externally, I'd be more suspicious of the gasket surfaces.
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    Cummins aftertreathment systems

    Doesn't Insite show the VGT commanded and actual position? Can you compare to a know good engine?
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    Mack-Phase Two

    I'll trade you straight up for a slick White-GMC. I know how much you love those...