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  1. dayexco

    Another high school chum deceased:

    if you want to talk about aging....after i sold my business off, i got bored after a year...and went and ran a 375 cat in an aggregate plant for 4 years before i finally said..."enough"... young guy at plant was giving me..."the ole guy"...a little sheet. i've known superintendent of plant for...
  2. dayexco

    Drott 80 and 120 picture request

    that looks close to tomahawk.
  3. dayexco

    Need parts for 375 cat

    Anybody got 4 of these lay ing around?
  4. dayexco

    Q re Warner Swasey Hopto excavator

    my dad had 3 different hopto 200's...all truck mounted. last one was a hopto 300 which wouldn't slew a full 360 degrees, had a 3-53 in it if i'm not mistaken. had it mounted on a ford c-700 truck. his last truck mount was a drott 40 on a c-850 ford truck.
  5. dayexco

    Q re Warner Swasey Hopto excavator

    that's too old for a 211, i'm guessing it's a 550. they were built in winona, mn
  6. dayexco

    375L cat excavator operator's manual

    anybody have one, or access to one. friend bought older machine, and we'd just like pictures taken of a few of the pages if possible. TIA
  7. dayexco

    A few projects I have done recently

    some of our soils are corrosive. we poly wrap all our DIP
  8. dayexco

    Dump truck profit share?

    what if he takes a bunch of "side" jobs....you're not aware of and he pockets it?
  9. dayexco

    Utility locations

    looks to me you'll be paying for a lot of repair bills. who pulled the permit? who 811'd? there's zero excuse for 14 utility cuts. what a friend.
  10. dayexco

    Fixing sewer line

    .04% is very common on 8" sanitary lines. that's 4 tenths per hundred. not hard at all to do.
  11. dayexco

    Whats with all the bad diesel fuel.

    probably got sold some bio fuel...sheet is garbage.
  12. dayexco

    excavator horns

    boy, resurrection of a 12 year old thread!
  13. dayexco

    So what's your competition up to?

    i refuse to repair anybody else's screw ups...it all comes out, i do it my way, or they can find somebody else.
  14. dayexco

    Millions in damages.

    shimmy, i heard the only reason the local natives put up with that b.s. was they want a bridge from the casino across the river to 1804 and thought they could swap bridge for shutting down protest?
  15. dayexco

    mitsubishi mg400 motor grader water pump.

    anybody know good place to find one?
  16. dayexco

    FR 20 fiat allis

    have a friend that has older fr 20 fiat allis loader. just puked the engine, ruining the block. says it has the iveco engine, and is having a HARD time finding a block, plus parts to put back together. Any of you have good sources? any of you repowered, and with what, and how hard was it...
  17. dayexco

    quick questionnaire for utility contractors

    thank you VERY much, truly appreciated!!
  18. dayexco

    quick questionnaire for utility contractors

    boy, i'd really appreciate the help with this. am working on a new product concept, and need the feedback.
  19. dayexco

    quick questionnaire for utility contractors

    those of you in site utilities, or concrete work, please take the time to answer these questions. if you would, quote this post, and answer behind each question. thanks in advance. in south dakota, our typical drop inlets/catch basins (2' x 3') inside, (3' x 4') outside or (3' x 4') inside...
  20. dayexco

    1985? Case 880 What's it worth?