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  1. nowing75

    Suggestions for a plasma table

    I keep thinking of pulling the Triger on a Langmuir.
  2. nowing75

    Shop parts washer fluid choices.

    Years ago we used mek when i was at united airlines. I think its banned now.
  3. nowing75

    583K misfire

    sometimes if you have low compression on one cylinder you can hear it when cranking with the fuel off.
  4. nowing75

    2003 Case 650K Dozer runs great, Won't move

    I would say if the manual says it needs to see 1000 rpm thats a good place to start. Are there any codes? Would think if it does not show rpm there should be some code.
  5. nowing75

    Spool valve stuck, flush hyd lines or not?

    Had a spool stuck on a skid steer last week and was caused by the cylinder rod was broke. Also had a dozer with a stuck spool and it had a bent rod that was scraping the barrel. I would make sure the cylinder for that circuit is good.
  6. nowing75

    Case 850 K No Can

    did you verify all powers and grounds to the module? Sounds like you checked the can lines and have the proper voltage.
  7. nowing75

    299D No regen

    if your getting the -3 event code i believe the only way to clear it is with et.
  8. nowing75

    Ford F550 vs 5500 options

    We are looking at getting another medium duty kw. Last i checked it was almost a year to get one.
  9. nowing75

    Case 850 K No Can

    would be interesting to put a scope on it and see if there are any data packets. I would think he could see at leased one module working.
  10. nowing75

    Questionable video's online

    wish i could talk my uncle out of his B model with a 6v53.
  11. nowing75

    Ford F550 vs 5500 options

    Not sure any of them ride very good. Just get a big one as you will always run out of room.
  12. nowing75

    Questionable video's online

    There are a few people on youtube that make videos of what other youtube people make. Its amazing you can make a living doing it if you know what you are talking about. I watch every night after the girlfriend goes to sleep. Some very smart guys willing to give free knowledge. South main auto...
  13. nowing75

    Case 850 K No Can

    Can you see any of the modules on the network or just not the display?
  14. nowing75

    Case 850 K No Can

    Do you have voltage on high and low side? Does the resistance measure correctly? Think it should be 120 ohms. Could be one of the modules causing a problem. You can disconnect one at a time till the voltage comes back.
  15. nowing75

    Case 580 Super N (diagnostic)

    i have some info. think its to big to send in email.
  16. nowing75

    D5G Joystick- Speed Selector

    i put a new speed sensor on it and seams to have fixed it.
  17. nowing75

    Line Boring drives

    snowball machine just built his own with the Eibenstock drive. He has the build on youtube.
  18. nowing75


    Not sure if its like the t455 but is the linkage going full travel? have you checked psi?
  19. nowing75

    740B parking brake issue

    I agree with ahart. Have had the problem with the orifice geting pluged a few times. Easy to check
  20. nowing75

    D5G Joystick- Speed Selector

    you are correct it does not come with the new connector but i had one in my truck. Finishing up another project now then see if it corrects the problem.