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  1. skyking1

    Excavator question

    pretty much straight on with most machines, as the track is just another step and I go up and down facing the machine. Kicking it one way makes fueling it and checking the oil a bit precarious on the other side.
  2. skyking1

    Hitachi UH122

    yes it's a tipper. I've never seen a crawler with a tipper but Tucci had a few old JD 644b tippers.
  3. skyking1

    Memories for us old truckers

    get it in the proper gear and set the hand throttle
  4. skyking1

    Just some work pics

    That's a sweet new shop. I've seen crane yards come and go around here and it seems to be about where the work is. The Mobe is such a big part of getting the work done. having a closer place to do repairs under a roof will be nice.
  5. skyking1

    Grease leaking from turntable

    you only need the tub grease about half way up the gear to keep the gear happy. It builds up in there over time from greasing, and usually you start out with a certain amount. I squeezed 10 tubes onto the gear to get started when I replaced the bearing. My bearing had enough play in it that I...
  6. skyking1

    Hitachi UH122

    you can check that out with a hand or a heat gun. If the drive motor is gone, it will pass a lot of oil and the return will heat up. Also note the temperature of the case drain from the drive motor. If all the other functions seem normal then it is likely the drive motor and not a pump, as a...
  7. skyking1

    Just some work pics

    I bet the tree customer did not like the two crane price. Funny how murphy operates. As to the new tool? yes you got it bad :D I look around and find you the nearest toolanon meeting.
  8. skyking1

    Grease leaking from turntable

    how often do you grease the turntable? It is in your operating manual, but typically it is several pumps with the house rotated 90 degrees each time, at 250 hour intervals. It is easy to put too much in there and it will take a while to push the old stuff through and see your red grease...
  9. skyking1

    SANY SY 80 Vs. KX 080-4

    Wujang, according to this Cat video.
  10. skyking1

    CASE CX17B - Swing Book Stuck full right

    they are typically a direct acting valve operated by a foot pedal. I do not think it is a pilot valve.
  11. skyking1

    Worth it? Aftermarket transmission deep pans for pickup trucks

    3500 either Ram or GMC Ferd drops a zero, and a con rod, and a turbo seal, and that 6 -OH oil cooler. Just kidding!
  12. skyking1

    RayGo Giant 2023

    that's really neat does it have a split throttle pedal like a Wabco scraper?
  13. skyking1

    Proper place to discuss pricing here?

    ^ stock clearance sales.
  14. skyking1

    Joined to get support for our 850 Case crawler with 6 way blade

    Nah. you got this. get all the covers out of the way, add fluid and run it. The leak will announce itself. Then take pictures and post back with the serial number too.
  15. skyking1

    How much to reseal some cylinders?

    I just had that mast cylinder redone on the forklift. They ball honed it and put it back together for me. The price with seals and everything was about 500. One of the boom cylinders on the excavator cost me closer to 2 grand.
  16. skyking1

    Local 4 apprenticeship

    Look around here, there are many cool stories and pictures of work. You may find a direction you want to go when you get done with your apprenticeship, and apprentice positions that are really fun and rewarding. Jobs that are outside the box of dozer/loader/excavator.
  17. skyking1

    Local 4 apprenticeship

    I'm at the other end of 32 years in the IUOE and on the home stretch now. It is good to hear from new folks stepping up in the trade.
  18. skyking1

    Somebody has to do it, and nobody else volunteers: the fixing saga

    The cylinder is back in and awaiting my snap ring pliers, and a hydraulic oil change. It does not have a drain so I will extract the oil.
  19. skyking1

    Impact's "Things Done at Work"

    Well played sir. Congratulations on your retirement!
  20. skyking1

    Local 4 apprenticeship

    I can't say how difficult it is. Best of luck to you and do please report back how it goes. Hope we can welcome you to the brotherhood.