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  1. euclid

    Peterbilt 379 Project

    Looking good :notworthy Thanks for the updates :scool
  2. euclid

    Euclid Blade-Veyors

    Good read and it was interesting how much then technology was in place with all the different levers and solenoids and keeping all that stuff up and running must have been a nightmare at times. When I was running a belly dump it was already 30 years old and I was 15 and I had no clue really of...
  3. euclid

    Massive landslide damages Kennecott's Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah

    One point is cost and if this mine considers the value add to clean up and continue mining or just shutting down all together?
  4. euclid

    New operator from Cen-cal

    welcome and good stuff to be had.
  5. euclid

    Hello All I'm a Newbie

    Welcome and enjoy.
  6. euclid

    Peterbilt 379 Project

    That rascal is looking good and I might add I've learned a lot from your post and pictures. Could you guestimate amount of hours to date on this project? Keep up the hard work. :notworthy
  7. euclid

    Some old TD-18 pics from my Army days.

    Great pictures and a lot of lost history here that you've posted. I grew up in a place called Boys Ranch up in the Panhandle of Texas and at one period of time before we all got so smart and everything became so expensive we did all of the physical labor and that is not the case anymore. Some...
  8. euclid

    Have ya seen this one?

    Yeah kind of like that saying: Drive it like you stole it!
  9. euclid

    old screaming de...what?....SCREAMING DETROITS!

    I knew a man who was a 6-71 turning doctor and he said that you can RTV that engine all you want but it will eventually leak oil. He said it was designed that way? Not sure but he could fine tune those things like no tomorrow. He said you really don't need to over haul a 6-71 you just replace...
  10. euclid

    old screaming de...what?....SCREAMING DETROITS!

    Two stroke verse 4 stroke for one. and also technology in todays industry.
  11. euclid

    Peterbilt 379 Project

    Good for you I bet is sounds good with those big pipes? I can hear'm on the CB now talking down the line about that Pete up in the front door.
  12. euclid

    Euclis TSS40 and DW20 with doubles

    You know once Euclid was bought out by GM I feel it was a turning point for this great company and they never recovered. With all this global market jazz these machines now are overpriced software dependent pieces of crap! Yes ergonomics and safety are very important aspects to being able to...
  13. euclid

    Peterbilt 379 Project

    Slammed I assume this truck is out of the pulling business and just for showing? A lot of hard work done on this and it looks very conservative and clean. I am not a "lowered" fan but your truck looks really good and I am looking forward to seeing the painted pictures once that is complete.
  14. euclid

    980 H

    So then if you have cleaned and removed corrosion from the pin connectors and also checked to see if any pins are broken/bent or pushed back into the connector? Then it could be a software anomaly if a program runs the ride control. Hopefully it is under warranty?
  15. euclid

    Euclid Belly Dumps

    Well in my youth I could run with the bestof them, although I was up in the panhandle of texas and no down in the swamps of Louisiana. BTW where abouts are those belly dumps? I'm up in Arkansas a little above El Dorado. I'd like to see those old piecs if they are still around.
  16. euclid

    this just blew my mind

    Occasionally I’ll run across a good web site that will provide some good answers or data to what I am looking for. :thumbsup
  17. euclid

    this just blew my mind

    I may have used the wrong wording on my initial post regarding the two stroke factor. Yes the 3304 is a very high compression motor and at the time classified it a two stroke. Much like the screamming Jimmy's that detroit manufactured GM 4-71 The 71 series Detroit 2 stroke diesel is a dry...
  18. euclid

    Euclid Belly Dumps

    Well were the workers locals of foreign operators? I ask this question because those old ukes would give a fella one heck of a work out. And I've never seen really big indians in my worldly travels and with armstrong steering and maybe the air clutches working it was a handful any given day...
  19. euclid

    Euclid Belly Dumps

    How did India end up with all these old uke parts? Was this surplus iron to be melted down to other uses? Just curious how this works. heard from a guy some years ago that a lot of heavy iron was being sold off to China and India as a way to for them to do the iron works and make other...
  20. euclid

    biggest meanest rig

    Well at least that rig had hydraulic steering! nothing like hauling materials with just armstrong steering.....:usa