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  1. Dozerboy

    What apps are you using to look at plans on tablets?

    The old school company I work for in getting some technology out in the field. I don't recall what programs I used at other employers. Looking for something that you can scale things off on. One of the contractors I know used one that used GPS to show you where you where at on the plans in real...
  2. Dozerboy

    Hello from Sweden

    Heck that's pretty good for not longer then the video has been out. The YouTube stuff is a lot of work.
  3. Dozerboy

    Acetylene torch experts I need some help

    I have done a few repairs to aluminum fuel tanks and added bugs to them. Also some hobby stuff. I loke aluminum, because it takes the heat a lot better. If you want to torch weld steel it puts a ton of heat in it and I figure it would warp often. Plus I live in the south. Even our winters aint...
  4. Dozerboy

    Dozerboy's Gallery

    New subdivision. That's pretty much all we do. The land is very flat here. Like maybe 200' of elevation change from the coast to 150-200 miles inland. Most of my jobs only have a 4' or so elevation change on them. Because of that all new subdivisions have to have large retention ponds dug to...
  5. Dozerboy

    Dozerboy's Gallery

    Here's the deepest I have gone in S.E. TX. 65' down and its amazing we didn't hit ground water. I often hit ground water a 5'. The pond had a 2' clay liner. That's a (2)336cats and a 470Deere loading 17 trucks. I think I was running 6 "D6N"dozers on this job, but we often had 3 broken at once...
  6. Dozerboy

    Acetylene torch experts I need some help

    Yeah I was gonna have to buy the parts from a not so trusted source. I found a retired guy that rebuilt it for $47. Can't beat that. I would like to do it just to learn and thats the way I am, but I also don't really want to blow myself up. I don't really like learning to do things a 1/2 assed...
  7. Dozerboy

    What's it weigh??

    I'm going to say 30k. That's just a guess from my demo experience. The hardest part is the Furnished part. Are we talking Ikea here or a horder that buys his furniture from the Amish.
  8. Dozerboy

    Line boring rates

    That's basically how the people we use charge, but they do it often enough they have a set price for the boring. They also charge for cleaning the grease and etc out beforehand and greasing after. Basically we did everything, but the welding and boring to save money and time. As a customer to...
  9. Dozerboy

    Asphalt Roller for Soil Compaction?

    Smooth drums are not a NO NO. I have used them alot with the approval of an engineer. It all depends on the soil and how you do it. Those pad foot shells are a joke took us 8hrs last time we took one off. That was the last time we ever swapped a roller over
  10. Dozerboy

    Seriously upsetting

    Lots of miss information on EVs whether you for or against them. Dmiller added some new things to think about. I don't think any changes in insurance or anything that puts EVs in a bad light will be "general knowledge". IE all of our premiums will just rise to cover the costs of the risks of...
  11. Dozerboy

    Anyone care to share experiences with biodiesel in heavy equipment engines?

    I think depending on the regen everything is B5 or B10 now. I ran B100 it in my 06 GMC Duramax pickup. Never had any issues. Less power and less mileage. It definitely has some strong cleaning abilities. It bleached my Black LineX bedliner white where it had spilled a few times in the bed of my...
  12. Dozerboy

    Dozerboy's Gallery

    Ya we pull off the job. The silver lining might be its a city job. I hear we are pricing the clean up and then regrading for the city. My dozer operators gonna strangle me. Hes probably regraded these ponds 4 times now. They are a nasty black wet clay. Which takes a lot of work to dry out to...
  13. Dozerboy

    Dozerboy's Gallery

    Last few
  14. Dozerboy

    Dozerboy's Gallery

    Well this is a new one. I had one of my job get hit by a tornado. It's a city park with detention ponds. Really sucks because we were literally 2 working days away from finishing the project, and this has been a nightmare of a job. They say we made money, but I don't see how. Had 2 broken...
  15. Dozerboy

    New pickup

    I've never known anyone to rewax them. I use PB blaster surface shield on mine. Works really well.
  16. Dozerboy

    Acetylene torch experts I need some help

    Well I'm a YouTube torch expert... I looking for some advice on what I did wrong and how to fix it. I'm not sure what I did exactly, but my "new" oxygen regulator won't regulate the pressure. It just keeps climbing. I read it was because I may have not had the T handle unscrewed far enough...
  17. Dozerboy

    Dozerboy's Gallery

    Yes sir. I'm glad to your still around!
  18. Dozerboy

    Earthworks jobs

    A good foremen doesn't need to be respected over their ability to run equipment. Lots of my employees don't even know I know how to run equipment. Getting guys to respect you is a skill you have to learn just like running equipment. It sure does help though when push comes to shove and you have...
  19. Dozerboy

    Dozerboy's Gallery

    I had to dust this one off. I run a crew for a great company building subdivisions now. Just some fun ones.
  20. Dozerboy

    New pickup

    Dang I can't believe this post is still active. I still have this truck. It's been retired from a daily driver for at least 10years now. Its my weekend toy and pulls my camper. It's sitting at 700hp. I would love to build it for 1000hp, but the diesel performance industry has been hurt by over...